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Chapter 66 Could it be that he had a crush on Gu Qing Yu?!

“I don’t think it’s real, she must be acting like she can eat on purpose! You know, men like to see a woman eat, but without compromising her figure… What a scheming bitch!”

One of the girlfriends concluded.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that she hadn’t done anything, but Duan Yun Yun and her group had already criticized her whole body, even the pair of cloth shoes that Chen Ran had prepared for her this morning which she had chosen purely because of the comfort they offered, as walking in high heels yesterday had already made her abhor high heels.

Just at that very moment, Duan Xing Yuan came.

Duan Xing Yuan had been anxious all night. Gu Wen Qiang said Gu Qing Yu hadn’t returned to S City, so he had asked someone to check the flight records and highway records, but couldn’t find any trace of Gu Qing Yu’s departure, which meant she was still in the imperial capital.

However, he had checked many hotels, but there was no sign of her staying there.

Something couldn’t have happened to her, right? She didn’t know anyone else in the capital besides him…

He had been anxious, afraid that something would happen to Gu Qing Yu, because he couldn’t even find her on the surveillance cameras, moreover even if he couldn’t marry her, it didn’t mean that he wanted anything to happen to her because of him…

At least, not now.

But just as he had been about to call the police, Duan Yun Yun’s call came and she was at the Hearing Snow Pavilion?

Duan Xing Yuan rushed over immediately, and as soon as he arrived, he saw her eating unharmed, and beside her…

Was a man and this man, he had seen before!

Chen Ran, that ‘Sir’s’ sidekick. Grandfather had said, that he was Sir’s most trusted assistant and that even they, the elders, had to be courteous to him…

And now, Chen Ran was eating with his fiancée and, at the same time, looked very attentive?

Duan Xing Yuan’s face changed immediately. How did they know each other? Last night… was it with Chen Ran?! They….. there was nothing going on between them, right?

Also, Chen Ran’s current attitude towards Gu Qing Yu…

Could it be that he had a crush on Gu Qing Yu?!

Duan Xing Yuan felt like his chest was being choked with something, a feeling of frustration wanted to burst out, however he couldn’t.

He walked over and looked at Chen Ran and Gu Qing Yu expressionlessly.

“Mr. Chen, hello.”

He continued, “What a coincidence, I didn’t expect you to be with my fiancee!”

Duan Xing Yuan had always been arrogant, hence he felt that even if Chen Ran was a favourite under ‘Sir’, he couldn’t steal the woman he loved, otherwise, that would mean he was trampling his face on the ground!

Chen Ran raised a brow. Sun Caiyu had gotten Duan Xing Yuan to come here so quickly, it seemed she really wanted to be Mrs. Duan. However, judging from Miss Gu’s attitude, it seemed she didn’t mind someone else being Mrs. Duan either.

He looked at Gu Qing Yu, “Hmm, it’s a coincidence that when I returned from the Xiao Nan estate yesterday, I happened to see Miss Gu injured, moreover it was raining and as it wasn’t good to leave a delicate girl walking alone, I brought Miss Gu back.”

Chen Ran’s words made Duan Xing Yuan feel like his face had been slapped. He could hear that Chen Ran was mocking the Duan family for not doing anything, for inviting a young girl, his nominal fiancée, to his home, without arranging accommodation or a car for her and even letting her walk away alone in the rain, and she had even gotten injured…

But Duan Xing Yuan couldn’t refute it, because what Chen Ran said was true; he himself felt that he had been negligent in this matter.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. At least he recognizes that his family was negligent. I don’t even know that his grandfather meant to make her walk, but didn’t expect her to leave so abruptly and then didn’t care enough to remember to arrange for transportation and accommodation.

    I do wonder about the “at least, not now.” Thought of DXY. Does that mean at some point he’d want something to happen to her because of him??

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