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Chapter 191 They must be bursting with rage!

Next to Mu Xuan Qing was…

Gu Qing Yu?

The smile on Mu Ai’s face froze.

How could Gu Qing Yu be here?! Moreover how come she was…

With her little uncle?!

Mu Ai was confused for a moment, the expression on her face changing, but Second Madam Mu appeared in time, pinched her hand, and whispered under her breath, ” Control yourself, she’s the female companion your little uncle brought.”

One sentence was enough to explain everything. Taking a deep breath, Mu Ai was barely able to suppress her anger and shock and was trying to pull out a smile when she was pulled by Second Madam Mu to Mu Xuan Qing, “Sir, this is Xiao Ai, you remember her, right? You even carried her when she was little!”

“Little uncle, hello!” Mu Ai smiled a little stiffly, trying hard to ignore Gu Qing Yu who was beside Mu Xuan Qing.

Gu Qing Yu smiled, feeling that Mu Ai was probably furious at the moment.

She had originally been wondering if Mu Ai would lose her mind completely like Duan Yun Yun had done earlier and whether Mu Xuan Yang would also be forced to come up with a ‘my daughter is mentally abnormal’ reason, but the young lady of the Mu family was different from that of the Duan family. After all, this Mu Ai was Sir’s niece, her parents would definitely not do that.

Unfortunately, Mu Ai could hold back better than Duan Yun Yun, and Second Madam Mu was there to remind her. The look on Second Madam Mu’s face when she saw her was much better than Mu Ai’s. It was such a pity that Mu Xuan Yang held her back, because although Second Madam Mu wanted to kill her, she suppressed her anger after she realized that she was indeed the female companion that Sir had brought over and even pretended that she didn’t know her, with Mu Xuan Yang coming over to greet them and even complimenting her on her beauty gracefully.

She was indeed very clever, because on the surface, Second Madam Mu really didn’t know her.

If she hadn’t already known how much Second Madam Mu hated her, and even went so far as to buy a water army, taking advantage of that scandalous incident last time to hack her, she might have really been fooled by her.

Gu Qing Yu found it interesting.

Although it would have been funny to be pulled away like Duan Yun Yun, it was even funnier to watch how Second Madam Mu and Mu Ai had to be respectful to her because of her relationship with Mu Xuan Qing even though they clearly hated her and couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Smiling sweetly, she tugged on Mu Xuan Qing’s sleeve and Mu Xuan Qing immediately leaned his head towards her side, the manner in which he had done it incomparably natural.

Not caring about the stares of the people in the room, Gu Qing Yu whispered intimately to this ‘Sir’ whom everyone feared in front of them:

“Sir, what to do? They must be bursting with rage right now! Hee hee.”

Looking at the mischievous smile in her eyes, Mu Xuan Qing smiled dotingly, “As long as you are happy.”

This was the reason why he was attending Mu Ai’s wedding tonight. One was to make her happy. After all, he had anticipated how Mu Ai, her mother and the Duan family would react when they saw her; if they were furious, Gu Qing Yu would be delighted. The other was…

He lowered his eyelashes…

He was no longer satisfied…

He wanted her.

He wanted to be with her openly and honestly, so that everyone around him would know of her existence, so that fewer people would have the guts to hurt her and bully her.


He didn’t think she would be so easily bullied, after all, she hadn’t gone soft on Mu Ai in the slightest, and, he still couldn’t figure out how exactly she had gotten the keycard to Mu Ai’s room at that time. Even when he had tried to erase the traces of going in for her afterwards, he couldn’t find a way, because, in all the surveillance at that time that should have recorded her going in and out of the hotel, she was weirdly non-existent!

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  1. Why does this wedding feel like a convention of over-inflated egos? I have this image of a bunch of ballons floating around in a room.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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