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Chapter 67 Duan Xing Yuan, I don’t love you

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Duan Xing Yuan looked at Gu Qing Yu and softened his voice, “Qing Yu, where did you get hurt? I’m sorry, I didn’t take good care of you… I’ll take you home now, okay?”

Sun Caiyu had never seen Duan Xing Yuan speak to anyone in such a gentle tone before. Her eyes turned red as she bit her lip, staring at Gu Qing Yu.

No woman wouldn’t go weak after being treated like this by such a proud person like Duan Xing Yuan, right?

However to her surprise, Gu Qing Yu only laughed lightly and looking at Duan Xing Yuan, she stood up, “No need.”

She said: “I fully understood what the old man said last night. Duan Xing Yuan, our engagement is broken, I’m returning the ring to you, from today onwards, we no longer have any relationship.”

She handed the ring back to him directly and Sun Caiyu’s red eyes suddenly became even more red. That ring, it was really the one that Duan Xing Yuan had gotten someone to buy at the auction a while ago!

She bit her lower lip, looking at it with red eyes.

Duan Yun Yun reassured her, “See, I told you my grandfather didn’t like her, I don’t know what kind of m*gic potion she gave him before he agreed, but now he’s finally come to his senses. Caiyu, don’t worry, their engagement is broken, I will definitely help you alone!”

Sun Caiyu stared at Duan Xing Yuan as if she hadn’t heard her.

Gu Qing Yu was saying she wanted to break off the engagement, but Duan Xing Yuan might not accept it…

Sure enough, Duan Xing Yuan took a deep breath, looked around and seeing many familiar faces, tried to squeeze out a smile, “Qing Yu, I know you’re angry now, but our years of relationship can’t be erased so easily. Come out with me, I’ll take you home and have a good talk with uncle, okay?”

“No need.”

Gu Qing Yu knew that Duan Xing Yuan valued face, and this was also the point she could use.

Hence, without hesitation, she stood up and put the ring on the table, “Duan Xing Yuan, I don’t love you.”

At the last moment of the original owner’s death, she no longer loved Duan Xing Yuan, what she felt towards him was resentment and disheartenment…..

She didn’t explain much, because why did she have to explain clearly, to make him feel better?

“Chen Ran, let’s go.”

Chen Ran nodded, picked up his jacket and followed Gu Qing Yu. Duan Xing Yuan also followed, choosing not to get into it with Gu Qing Yu at the Hearing Snow Pavilion, after all, the guests here were all people from the same circle, he couldn’t afford to be disgraced.

The moment they got outside, Duan Xing Yuan waited until Chen Ran went to the garage to bring the car over before moving forward to stop Gu Qing Yu.

His eyes surging with waves, he grabbed Gu Qing Yu’s wrist, “Gu Qing Yu, what do you mean by that, explain it to me clearly!”

They had been dating for two or three years, hadn’t they? How could she say she didn’t love him anymore? Was it just because of his grandfather? Even if his grandfather didn’t approve of their marriage, she should have tried to make him accept her instead of giving up so easily, right? Giving up easily without putting in any effort, what was he to her then?

Duan Xing Yuan almost went mad with anger.

“Is it because of that man? Yes, he’s powerful and influential, but he’s just a dog under someone else’s hand! Besides, how many days have you two known each other? Can his feelings for you be as deep as my feelings for you? You…”

Gu Qing Yu laughed coldly, “A dog? Aren’t you the same? Don’t you also listen to your grandfather obediently? Aren’t you also a dog under your grandfather’s hand? Wagging your tail at him to get Duan family?”


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