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Chapter 188 Oppressed

Father Duan was just thinking this way when,

Duan Xing Yuan swallowed in a strained manner and gritting his teeth, took a deep breath and said, “Dad, the woman beside Sir …… is my …… ex-fiancée.”

His eyes widening, he almost screamed, “You… what did you say?!”

Father Duan was completely dumbfounded. Just now he had only thought that the woman beside Sir was really beautiful and it seemed like she looked a bit familiar, but now that Duan Xing Yuan had reminded him, he realized, yes, wasn’t that his son’s ex-fiancée? He remembered that when his son had brought Gu Qing Yu to see him, he hadn’t agreed to their relationship, but then the old man had agreed, and he had no chance to object.

Then there was an incident regarding Gu Qing Yu, and Duan Xing Yuan broke off the engagement with her. This, he didn’t have a problem with.

Father Duan had originally been more interested in his son Duan Xing Chen, who he had raised outside the family, but after learning that ‘Sir’ had given his eldest son the ring, which had given the Duan family a qualitative upgrade, he had changed his attitude.

Because no matter what, it meant that the one that Sir recognized, was the one who was suitable to be the future head of their Duan family.

Unexpectedly, Duan Xing Yuan had just said that the woman that Sir had brought over, was his ex-fiancée?!

Father Duan’s face suddenly changed, In that case, Sir couldn’t have come here to take out his anger for that woman, right? And, Duan Xing Yuan was that woman’s ex-fiancé, with Sir’s ability, he must have known about it long ago. The Duan family wouldn’t have offended Sir because of that, right?

No wonder, no wonder he didn’t bother with the Duan family for months after he gave his son the ring…

It must be because of that woman Gu Qing Yu!

Father Duan felt blood dripping in his heart but, he also knew clearly that he couldn’t do anything to Gu Qing Yu, so he could only clench his teeth, and say, “You …… Go over there immediately, take Mu Ai to pay her respects to Sir! Sir will probably not do anything to you because Mu Ai is his niece…. but as long as that woman is by Sir’s side for a day, you have to be mentally prepared that Sir is not likely to use you ……”

Duan Xing Yuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

What Father Duan said had just crossed his mind, and he had been thinking the same thing as well.

If it wasn’t because he was getting married to Mu Ai, Sir might have treated him as a love rival because of Gu Qing Yu, and that would have been a problem in the future ……

However even though he obviously knew that he should be glad that that wasn’t the case, he felt incomparably stifled at this moment!

He hadn’t seen her for a few months, but now that he was seeing her again, he realized that he still had feelings for her and Mu Ai, despite being extremely well endowed and not bad looking, was almost nothing compared to Gu Qing Yu except for her family background and the fact that she was a Young Miss of the Mu family. Her temper wasn’t as gentle as Gu Qing Yu’s and when he was with her, he was sometimes even at a disadvantage, having to listen to her all the time…..

This made him, who had been heavily favoured since he was a child feel very oppressed!

He missed the time when he had been with Gu Qing Yu ……

But, now that he saw Gu Qing Yu smiling beside Sir, he already knew that ……

In this life, he probably wouldn’t be able to go back to the old days with Gu Qing Yu.

He had no idea, that the relationship between Sir and Gu Qing Yu was really as he had guessed when he first saw them together a few months ago…

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. So you feel oppressed, do you? Poor little boy. Then how do all the female protagonists in these stories feel dealing with their narcissistic MLs, I wonder.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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