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Chapter 78 She had to make life not so easy for Gu Qing Yu as well!

In just half a month, she’d lost everything she used to have. Her fame, her mother, the many people who revolved around her…

And it was all thanks to Gu Qing Yu!

Gu Qing Chen took a deep breath. She was here today to go through the formalities as she was going to join the exchange student program and go abroad…

With her current reputation, life was difficult at home, so she had to forge another path for herself.

But before that, she had to make life not so easy for Gu Qing Yu as well!

She laughed softly as she looked at the boy who was looking at Gu Qing Yu oddly not far away…

This time she wouldn’t be so foolish as to take action herself. Gu Qing Yu had offended many people over the years, she could totally help them out….

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know what Gu Qing Chen was planning secretly, after all, she seemed to her to be a defeated opponent. Moreover, when she returned to S University, she actually signed up for the exchange student program straight away, spending a lot of money to increase the chances of her getting a place, and went abroad not long after…

This disappointed Gu Qing Yu greatly.

How could she get revenge for the original owner if Gu Qing Chen just ran off like that?

However, the interesting university life soon made her stop paying attention to Gu Qing Chen’s affairs. Anyway, the future would be long, and she didn’t believe that she had really fled abroad only to do nothing afterwards, as this wasn’t consistent with her nature.

“Gu Qing Yu, are you going to participate in the Angel Cup Painting Competition too?”

She had been standing in front of the bulletin board for a little too long when a voice rang out.

Gu Qing Yu looked at the person who had come and nodded, “Yes. Shao Zihan, are you participating too?”

Shao Zihan was the class president of their class; he always wore glasses and looked gentle. In the original owner’s memory, he had always been a kind, polite and responsible class president.

“Me? I won’t be participating. I have average talent and our teacher always says my drawings are rigid and uninspired…” Shao Zihan pushed his glasses up, a little embarrassed then gave her the registration form in his hand, “Here, the registration form. The teacher has praised your talent, so if you participate, you can definitely win glory for our school!”

Gu Qing Yu stared at the prize arrangement on the form. It read, first prize award, 100,000 yuan….

Hmm, not a bad amount to participate.

That’s right, Gu Qing Yu was short of money.

Actually, Gu Wen Qiang wasn’t stingy. He had given she and Gu Qing Chen quite a lot of pocket money since they were young, and after they went to university, he also gave them tens of thousands of yuan a month to live on, but the original owner focused on quality of life, hence the restaurants she frequented and the clothes she bought were all high quality, so she didn’t have much money left over the years.

Gu Qing Yu had checked the balance on her card and found that it was only 100,000 yuan.

100,000 yuan sounded like a lot and if saved was even enough for the average student to live on for four years, however, she was an art student who originally needed to spend more money to buy paints, brushes and canvases of the best quality. A month’s expenses consisted of just these items which cost several thousands, hence this amount simply wouldn’t last for a few months.

The most important thing was…

Gu Qing Yu wanted to find out where the energy contained in the food on Earth came from and whether it could be extracted.

She had already discovered during this time that she was able to absorb energy from it by eating food directly, but it was very little.

And she couldn’t absorb energy directly as they did on their planet; she had to eat food in order to absorb the energy. However this body of hers was a human body after all, so she couldn’t eat much hence the energy absorbed was very limited.

So, she wanted to do research to extract the energy from the plants, which would require setting up a lab.

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