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Chapter 8 Buy me dinner


The man was silent for a few seconds, then found the phone that had fallen not far on the ground. He tried it, and seeing that it was working, nodded, “Yes!”

“Buy me dinner.” The woman in front of him said in reply.


“Hey, you… help me up.”

After walking a few steps, Gu Qing Yu broke out in a cold sweat, feeling dizzy. She felt that she was going to faint from the pain in the next second.

Damn it, why did this knee hurt so much…

It definitely wasn’t because she was delicate. She had suffered injuries ten times more serious than this. At that time, the pain could make her smile happily and calmly, but this body was too sensitive to pain. The pain in her knee spread all the way to every nerve, making her feel that there were millions of needles in her body with every steps she took.

Hence, she had to turn to the man who was hurt worse than she was.

At least…

His leg wasn’t injured.

Mu Xuan Qing stiffened for a moment. He didn’t like to have physical contact with other humans. In addition to his relatively cold personality, there was another important reason…

His body had been modified and was different from that of ordinary people. If someone got too close, they would notice the difference easily.

Therefore, he avoided even his family members. To be precise, in the eyes of the outside world, he was just a handicapped young man who returned from a mission after he was seriously injured, a person with a very odd temperament who stayed in the old Mu mansion without going out much.

However the woman in front of him was his lifesaver, moreover he had already touched her once. Although it was because of an emergency, during that brief contact, he had probably been focused on something else so he hadn’t felt any discomfort.

After convincing himself this way, he was yet to speak when in the next second, Gu Qing Yu’s arm wrapped around his neck directly, most of her body leaning against him, “Go.”


Mu Xuan Qing’s breath caught in his throat, but soon he discovered that his body relaxed after its initial stiffness, and, just like before, he didn’t feel any uncomfortableness or repulsiveness in his body at all.

He lowered his eyes as he supported the woman next to him with some doubts in his heart. At such a close distance, he could even see the fine translucent hairs on her delicate skin. Her skin was very white, extremely delicate and he couldn’t find any pores, but her complexion was very bad, as if the pain was too much for her to bear, transparent beads of sweat dropping from her forehead…

It was obvious that she was in a very bad shape, but he felt that the woman in front of him was really beautiful!

Holding her up stiffly as they trudged forward, a light breeze blew and the faint fragrance of her body brushed across his face. A light flashed in his eyes…..

This woman was really…

Born to be extremely charming and her body was also delicate and soft, even the fragrance of her body made him feel intoxicated, so sweet, making him want to…

Take a bite to see if she was as delicious and juicy as he imagined…

His body heated up a little.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was seriously injured, he would even wonder if she knew his identity and deliberately tried to seduce him…

His breathing quickened a little.

Gu Qing Yu frowned, turning to look at him.

Tch, the human body was really fragile. After helping her with only a few steps, his breathing had become so fast…

She, a powerful alien visitor, couldn’t bully a ‘fragile’ human.

Thinking like this, she shifted her body, making Mu Xuan Qing suddenly feel that most of the weight on him had reduced.

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