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Chapter 87 A pleasant surprise

Bai Xiuqi really felt sorry for the artist, as he could see from this painting how talented she was and while there was still room for improvement in certain skills, sometimes talent, the world view and emotions conveyed by a painting were much more important than skill.

This was also the reason why, even though Madam Mu had asked him several times, he had only agreed to give occasional instruction, and hadn’t accepted Mu Ai as his disciple.

But at this moment, when he saw Gu Qing Yu’s paintings, he somehow felt what he had felt when he saw Mu Xuan Qing; he was so excited that his blood boiled.

He had only had one disciple in his life, apart from Mu Xuan Qing, who was already quite successful in the industry.

But that disciple was far less talented than Mu Xuan Qing was, in his opinion — he was just diligent enough.

He had always wanted to take on another disciple, and had thought that the Mu family’s girl, Mu Ai, was at least the niece of his most successful disciple whom he had regrets over. She wasn’t particularly talented, but had good skills and enough dedication to come to him almost every week with a new work, and after his guidance, her paintings would really improve the next time…

This made her not inferior to his second disciple and as he was getting older, he thought that he would probably never meet another Mu Xuan Qing…..

Hence he thought was that after this competition, if there nothing untoward happened, he would officially accept Mu Ai as his disciple.

However he didn’t expect that after meeting Mu Xuan Qing, he would receive a pleasant surprise!

“Is this Gu Qing Yu… someone you know?” He asked.

He was indeed curious. Mu Xuan Qing had had no interest in anyone’s paintings for more than ten years, so why would he come here to see the paintings of this girl named Gu Qing Yu? However, the painting was really good, very much like Mu Xuan Qing’s art work back then…


Mu Xuan Qing nodded. For some reason, seeing Bai Xiuqi admiring Gu Qing Yu so much, he had a subtle feeling of honor that his child had been praised by her teacher.

Bai Xiuqi nodded, “Alright, can you ask her if she is interested in being my disciple? Hmm… no, I’d better ask her myself later. With a work like this, she will definitely get the first prize, so I’ll be able to see her later.”

Mu Xuan Qing couldn’t help but smile, “Mhmm, you should ask her yourself, I’m not sure if she’ll be interested.”

After all, although Gu Qing Yu had done an excellent job with this painting, maybe it was probably because it was too good that Mu Xuan Qing had the feeling that in Gu Qing Yu’s world… perhaps, painting wasn’t the most important thing.

So, she might not agree.

From a distance, Mu Ai stared at Bai Xiuqi, her face turning white.

She had met him several times, and with Mrs. Bai’s intentional guidance as she told her more about him during their conversations, she was able to get to know him better than anyone else, hence she knew Bai Xiuqi in a way that no one else did.

So she knew very well that Bai Xiuqi would only show this expression when he met a painting he liked.

Over the years, Mr. Bai had never shown such an expression of admiration and excitement towards her work, or the work of his second apprentice, Chen Gaoyu, the organizer of this competition in China…

Mu Ai’s heart sank.

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