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Chapter 134 Someone she couldn’t afford to offend

The only person in the Mu family who had Sir’s number was her eldest uncle and Gu Qing Yu was just the daughter of a small wealthy man in S City. How could she have Sir’s number and even call him at any time?!

Mu Ai didn’t want to believe it, but Gu Qing Yu didn’t need her to believe it because it didn’t matter if she did or not. What mattered was…

With the consent of her elder, she… could now take her revenge.

She smiled sweetly as she took out her special knife which was made of her planet’s materials, completely different from the metals on Earth, and which she could even turn into liquid form and other shapes in order to pass the strictest security checks.

But now she didn’t need to change it into another form as it was already in the shape of a blade and no one would be able to detect its presence anyways.

Gu Qing Yu walked towards Mu Ai step by step, making Mu Ai’s eyes widen. She felt a blackness flash before her eyes then lost consciousness completely…

When she woke up the next day, she was completely devastated.

Gu Qing Yu had really cut her tendons. Although she had been taken to the doctor a few hours later and her injuries weren’t life threatening, with signs that even showed that after some time her hands would still be as white and beautiful as they had been before with no traces of the scars found on the outside, she knew it would be different. Her hands would no longer be as flexible as they had been before and even though she could still paint, she would never be able to paint as well as she had done previously!

“Mom, kill her for me! Gu Qing Yu, that b**ch ah ah ah…..”

Mu Ai collapsed completely as she cried out to Second Madam Mu who had rushed over to see her.

Second Madam Mu, who was extremely distressed, soothed her: “Baby, don’t worry, Mum will definitely kill that b**ch!”

Second Madam Mu gritted her teeth in hatred. Her daughter was brought up as her treasure, the continuation of her life, but that woman Gu Qing Yu actually dared cut her daughter’s tendons, causing her so much pain that it even affected her baby’s painting career…

It had to be known, that her daughter’s greatest talent was painting, a skill she had chosen carefully for her, to cultivate her temperament from a young age and to give her daughter an elegant career in the future. Whether it was opening a gallery, just selling paintings, or even selling them for charity, it didn’t matter, as long as it was always useful.

Anyway, with her daughter’s status, she would definitely marry into a rich family and become a young madam and with such skills, she would fit in very well with the status of a young madam of a rich family, and would not need to work much. She just had to be a good helper and occasionally look good for her husband…..

But now that b**ch Gu Qing Yu had ruined everything!

Second Madam Mu gritted her teeth and phoned her husband. But her husband told her to leave the matter alone, to take care of her daughter and wait for her engagement.

Second Madam Mu refused to accept this and with her teeth still clenched, called her brother, only for him to react in the same way and even warn her sternly not to mess with people she couldn’t afford to offend.

Someone she couldn’t afford to offend? Gu Qing Yu was just the daughter of a businessman who was doing well in a small city.

Second Madam Mu thought of finding someone else to deal with Gu Qing Yu, but who knew that no matter who she asked, no one was willing to take on the task and even though she offered a high six-figure price, no one would agree.

“What the h*** is going on?”

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