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Chapter 302 Madam is a delicate little crybaby

“I’m suddenly curious about this movie!”

Others questioned, “It can’t be right? The Mu family is such a powerful family, would they allow Gu Qing Yu to become a star? And Gu Qing Yu herself has so many properties, she doesn’t need this kind of money, right?”

“Can rich people playing in the entertainment industry be called working for money? That’s just purely for their amusement!”


Following that, the videos Mu Xuan Qing gave to Chen Ran were released. They were videos that Mu Xuan Qing didn’t want others to, nor could he allow others to see of which Gu Qing Yu in them looked very real, which soon sparked a lot of debate among netizens.

“Hahahahahahaha did I see it wrong, Gu Qing Yu is a little crybaby, right? How many times have her eyes turned red?”

“This was obviously taken by a classmate. They kicked her foot in school and it actually hurt so much that tears came out, hahahahaha I understand the feeling!”

“Gu Qing Yu’s high heels broke and she just took them off and started walking. That’s so real, it’s like another me in the world, but…. hahahahahahaha she is much more delicate than I am. Her eyes are red hahahahaha. “

“This video was taken in the hospital, right? Gu Qing Yu seems to have hurt her knee and the doctor is treating her. I find it so heartbreaking and so funny at the same time. How did she manage to shed tears with no expression on her face? Amazing!”


The videos Mu Xuan Qing had released were ones of Gu Qing Yu being secretly filmed from before; after all she was so beautiful and drew so much attention that people who saw her in real life would always sneak out their phones, but before they could show off their videos, they would discover that they had either been censored or just had their phones purchased directly. They didn’t even get the chance to post them online.

As expected, when these videos were posted online, people started to marvel at Gu Qing Yu’s beautiful face and her delicate little crybaby image and almost no one said anything about Gu Qing Yu being a psychic alien anymore, after all, what psychic alien would be so delicate as to cry from just a kick?

When Gu Qing Yu saw the videos, her mouth twitched as she glared viciously at Mu Xuan Qing.

“Xuan, Qing!”

She gritted her teeth, “Just how many embarrassing videos of me are you hiding!

She respected him and never intruded on his privacy, but she didn’t really need to because if someone had something, they would just share it with her without her asking and even deliberately let her in on it or something.

So she had no idea that Mu Xuan Qing still had videos like this, and it looked like there were a lot more than just the ones he had put out there!

Although she did care about privacy, only making Fei Fei monitor the pictures and videos that were online, if they were too personal, she would have Fei Fei delete them from online as well as completely delete the videos from the snappers’ phones.

Gu Qing Yu never thought that Mu Xuan Qing would still have so many videos if her in his possession, and this guy. ..

He hid them from her, clearly watching them in secret. He was simply…..

Too shameful.

Gu Qing Yu was so angry because of the shame she felt that she even dropped the issue of No. 00.

Mu Xuan Qing laughed, “It’s just that….. I wanted to have more of you that I hadn’t seen yet.”

Of the videos he had saved, most of them were from earlier when he hadn’t resolved the matter with No. 00 and had to be separated from her for fear of implicating her.

At the time, it was only because of these videos that he felt that he could keep going.

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