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Chapter 169 Movie’s box office

Usually a movie with good word-of-mouth wouldn’t do well at the box office – so what about [Star], which had been getting a lot of attention since a month ago and had been trending since its release?

When the box office came out the next day, everyone in the industry was shocked.

They had expected the box office to be good, but they hadn’t expected it to be this high!

Even if it had been released on June 1, there were several animated movies premiering at the same time on that day, so how could…..

130 million at the box office?!

Other animated films failed miserably in comparison to [Star], especially the movie [Princess An An], in which LILI invested hundreds of millions of dollars that claimed to be the best animated movie in terms of special effects and was widely promoted, with a lot of people having said that they would see it. It’s first day at the box office was only 60 million- it didn’t rise to 100 million. It wasn’t bad compared to the other animated movies, but with the crushing box office of [Star], [Princess An An] was a total loser.

When the people at LILA saw the stark difference between the two animated movies at the box office, their faces turned black.

They had even stomped on [Star] during their promotions, but were beaten by [Star] on the first day.

It was simply humiliating.

Now netizens were laughing at them and [Princess An An] didn’t have a very good reputation.

“[Star] is amazing! This is the first time I couldn’t take my eyes off an animated movie! The special effects are so beautiful that every frame can be used as a poster and wallpaper and for the first time, I cried because of an animated movie! The plot is so touching, please make a second season, because I can’t believe that Thor just died.”

“[Princess An An] is not that bad. The pictures are beautiful and the special effects are not bad compared to the other animated movies, but it is not comparable to [Star] at all and the plot is so boring. I almost fell asleep watching it, but my 5 year old niece had a great time watching it.”

“Summary: [Star] is a movie for kids and adults, whereas [Princess An An] seems to be for kids and teenage girls and aunts with girlie hearts.”

The people at LILA were going crazy. They had wanted to use [Princess An An] to establish themselves in the national animated film industry, but it didn’t work out well on the first day and it wasn’t a good thing to be judged as a movie that only children would like. It had to be known, that the first day of June was a one-day holiday for kids and the one day parents took their kids out en masse to watch animated movies. Especially those with daughters who would choose to watch [Princess An An], but after the holiday, the main audience for movies would be adults and most of these adults preferred the movie [Star], so what was in stall for them?

The people at LILA were right. The next day was no longer a children’s day and the box office for many movies dropped dramatically. Their [Princess An An] went straight from 60 million to 40 million, which wasn’t unusual. It wasn’t bad for a movie’s box office to go down like that in the same period.

But the problem was that, even though both animated movies were shown on the same working day, the box office of [Star] had gone up instead of down – from an incredible 130 million on the first day to 150 million!

This was too unbelievable!

What was worse, was that in the following days, [Star]’s word of mouth got better and better and even though they spent more money on promotion, [Star] was being promoted actively by the netizens, and the box office kept going up, breaking its own box office record every day.

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