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Chapter 240 Shhh… don’t get scared

Mu Yi stopped her hurriedly, “That won’t do. If Miss is hurt, what will we tell Sir?”

“If you leave me here alone, aren’t you afraid that it’s a ploy to get the tiger away from the mountain?” Gu Qing Yu laughed.


Mu Yi was immediately stopped by her question, which made perfect sense after some thought. If he went to help Mu Er and Lin Han Jiao and something happened to Miss Gu here, then he would bear all the blame for his death.

But he couldn’t leave Mu Er….

Mu Yi was in a quandary. Why not, ask Sir for his opinion?

Gu Qing Yu laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m much more skilled than you think.”

After all, she had a lot of energy now.

Saying this, Gu Qing Yu released Fei Fei straight away and Fei Fei quickly transformed into a very low-profile looking car in her private car park. Staring wide-eyed, Mu Yi saw Gu Qing Yu get into the car first, and then say, “Get in. “

Her hand was already on the wheel, and Mu Yi knew that she had only recently obtained her driver’s license. This was a clear warning that if he didn’t get in the car, she’d drive away!

Having been around Sir and Miss Gu for a long time, Mu Yi knew that there was something special about Gu Qing Yu, so he gritted his teeth and got into the car, but quickly sent a message to Chen Ran.

“Miss, this is Mu Er’s current location….”

Mu Yi took out his phone and hesitated, “Why don’t you, let me drive ……”

Gu Qing Yu laughed and shook her head, “Shhh….. don’t get scared.”

Why would he be scared?

Before he could react, the next second Mu Yi’s eyes widened and he felt the car moving at a terrifyingly fast speed. Although Gu Qing Yu was in the driver’s seat, she didn’t even touch the steering wheel but the car turned automatically! This wasn’t the level of autopilot that already existed on Earth!

In a matter of minutes, they had found Mu Er’s car. As the situation was tense, Mu Yi swallowed his shock and quickly got out of the car, “Miss, please stay in the car.”

The next second, he saw that Gu Qing Yu had already come out of the car. Feeling helpless, Mu Yi could only move forward more vigilantly and he found that Mu Er and Lin Han Jiao were no longer in the car, and the surrounding area was even darker, so quiet that only the sound of their footsteps and breathing could be heard.

Who was it and why did they kidnap Mu Er and Lin Han Jiao?

No, more likely, it was an attempt to kidnap Gu Qing Yu.

Gu Qing Yu also thought of this. Or rather, she saw it on the car’s cam dash.

Lin Han Jiao was unlucky. The other party was targeting her, but she had come out of her house in her car and looked almost completely like her that the other party had mistaken her for her at first. What’s more Lin Han Jiao knew that they were targeting her but she actually didn’t explain that she wasn’t Gu Qing Yu.

Although it seemed to Gu Qing Yu that even if Lin Han Jiao had said that she wasn’t her, those people were afraid of acting rashly and alerting the enemy so they might not have let her go.

The way the kidnappers acted, even Mu Er was no match as he was easily knocked out and kidnapped, but the way the kidnappers had moved gave her a familiar feeling….

A familiarity that was like the first time she and Mu Xuan Qing met when he was being chased by assassins.

“Miss Gu…… Don’t worry, Chen Ran has already told Sir and Sir is on his way here.” Mu Yi said.

Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, “No, I’m afraid I don’t have the patience to wait until then.”

In the distance, there seemed to be a movement.

Mu Yi’s pupils flinched and in the next instant, Gu Qing Yu who was beside him had darted forward as swiftly as a ghost!

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Sigh, so much for gradual character growth. Do not pass “Go’ and jump straight to Super Woman. Meanwhile, Mu Xuan Qing’s subordinates are suddenly demoted to being useless. How did ” Sir” manage to maintain his badass reputation if all his underlings are pushovers?

    Thank you for the chapter!

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