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Chapter 70 He must be a big shot!

Duan Yun Yun looked at Duan Xing Yuan, then moved to Mu Xuan Qing’s face…

This face…

It was indeed very handsome, not inferior to her cousin, even…

Although she didn’t want to believe it, she had to admit that when they stood together, from the naked eye, this man completely overpowered her cousin…

Duan Yun Yun’s eyes turned as she watched her cousin seem to say something to the man, bowing respectfully to him, in the manner given to an elder? She was a little confused, yet vaguely excited.

Anyone who could make her cousin treat him like that must be a big shot!

There weren’t many unmarried men in the whole of the capital that she could look up to other than her cousin, and seeing him treating Mu Xuan Qing with such respect, her emotions surged…

Such a man must be rich and powerful!

If she could marry such a man, afraid even her cousin and uncle’s family would have to treat her with respect.

It would be perfect.

Duan Yun Yun laughed softly, “Oh, maybe next time, besides, my cousin doesn’t seem to know him very well…..”

Her best friend gave her a sidelong glance, a glint of understanding in her eyes.

Tsk, wasn’t it just because she was itching to have a go at him, wanting to keep the good stuff for herself? Don’t think she couldn’t see it.

But, she didn’t say a word.


Duan Yun Yun only thought she was good, when she was actually average in every way, not even as good as Sun Caiyu, moreover even if they couldn’t get that man, it wouldn’t be Duan Yun Yun’s turn either.

Sun Caiyu hadn’t noticed Mu Xuan Qing at all, because since high school, all her attention had always been on Duan Xing Yuan, hence at this moment, she could only see him.

She noticed that Duan Xing Yuan clenched his fist after the man left, his eyes a little angry…

This was unprecedented.

As far as she could remember, Duan Xing Yuan had always been calm and composed in all matters, there was never anything he couldn’t solve and there was no one he dared not speak out against.

But now, everything seemed to have changed…

Sun Caiyu’s mood was a bit complicated. She was a bit uncomfortable to see him like this, but also a bit heartbroken. She wanted to go up to comfort him, but was very clear, that at this moment Duan Xing Yuan wouldn’t want the people he knew to appear, otherwise, he would look even more wretched.

“Caiyu, come, let’s go and have fun with my cousin!”

Just at that moment, Duan Yun Yun pulled her towards Duan Xing Yuan, making Sun Caiyu’s eyes widen, “Wait…”

However she didn’t need to continue, as Duan Xing Yuan had already seen them.

His face changed, but he instantly regained his composure and even smiled a little more, “Yun Yun is here too, sorry, brother said he was coming to pay for you, I forgot.”

He looked so calm and relaxed, no different from the usual, but Sun Caiyu’s heart sank.

She knew very well that although he was smiling at the moment, the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

He… He even felt like he was wretched.

Wearing this usually gentle and polite mask was just his way of hiding and protecting himself.

And she, with Duan Yun Yun’s ‘help’, had witnessed his most disastrous scene and was bound to be remembered by him, and, from then on, whenever he saw her, he would think of his disastrous state…


He would never like her again.

Sun Caiyu felt as if she was standing in a pool, the water around drowning her, she couldn’t even ask for help, and the person who had turned on the tap and drowned her was her best friend, Duan Yun Yun.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Actually, Sun Caiyu seems like a pretty good match for DXY. She understands him pretty well and would probably put up with his ego…kinda like the original FL.

    1. Sun Cai will never be happy in the duan family they will forever use her as a puppet. Especially his grandfather.

  2. Well that’s said for the Sun girl. She seems like an average okay girl I suppose. She better leave her current group of plastic friends for better non toxic and supportive ones. They might encourage her to get over the guy who never paid her any attention, for her own good.

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