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Chapter 109 She wasn’t someone who could be bullied easily

She could see that this Lin Xiaoyi was very hostile to her.

But she didn’t know why that was….

If Lin Xiaoyi was really the one who destroyed her painting, she wouldn’t let her off easily!

Gu Qing Yu went straight to her bed, took out her phone, tapped on the forum and found the post that said she had been abandoned by her fiancé….

Opening the OP’s homepage, she found that the OP had said bad things about her in many other forums, even dating back to a year ago when she had first joined the school and when she had been chosen as the school belle on the forum. The OP’s dislike for Gu Qing Yu was really long lasting.

Gu Qing Yu had modified her cell phone a long time ago hence its functions were no worse than that of a computer. She just casually operated it and got the OP’s IP address and once she checked on the school intranet, she easily came to the conclusion that this OP, was her roommate.

The original poster was Lin Xiaoyi.

Her feeling was right, Lin Xiaoyi hated her…

Gu Qing Yu looked at Lin Xiaoyi who was staring thoughtfully at her box below and lowered her eyes….

It seems that the person who destroyed her paintings last time was also most likely her…..

Unfortunately, the surveillance on that floor of their studio had been broken long ago and this was something that many people knew about so there was no way to find out if she had destroyed her paintings on purpose last time.

However now that Lin Xiaoyi was acting so foolishly, she could definitely catch her in the act.

She wasn’t someone who could be bullied easily.

Gu Qing Yu smiled softly.

Early the next morning, she went straight to the neighbourhood next to the university to look at houses and not wanting to waste time, went straight to the agent and quickly rented a two-room house, one for experimenting and one for sleeping. The living room was enough for painting.

After paying three months’ rent and half a month’s extra to the agent, Gu Qing Yu was in no hurry to move her things, so she tapped on her phone and saw Lin Xiaoyi, who was supposed to be in class, appearing in their dormitory.

Lin Xiaoyi didn’t notice her homemade super miniature camera, after all, Gu Qing Yu had installed it in an extremely concealed manner.

On the screen, Lin Xiaoyi locked the door, went straight to Gu Qing Yu’s locker, opened the boxes of painting tools she had bought earlier in the month, took some and stuffed them naturally into her backpack as if they were hers and judging from the familiar way she was going about things and the backpack that held everything, it was obvious that this wasn’t the first time she had done such a thing.

From the original owner’s memory, she seemed to use her painting tools very quickly, which was why she had to buy new ones every month as she always felt that she would lose most of them if she didn’t use them for a long time.

But the original owner was so innocent that she didn’t suspect that they had been stolen. She only always thought that she had lost them and as it was nothing to her anyway, she didn’t think much of it; if they were gone, she could always buy them again.

She would never expect that it was her roommate who had stolen them.

Having taken a dozen brushes that cost at least a few dozen yuan each, a box of paints that cost several hundred yuan, and several practice books that Gu Qing Yu had bought, Lin Xiaoyi hesitated as she stared at the boxes that hadn’t been opened, but she didn’t touch them.

Gu Qing Yu smiled. Even if she opened them, the materials she had bought would just be a bunch of unfamiliar things to Lin Xiaoyi who might not like them.

However, Lin Xiaoyi was cautious enough; Gu Qing Yu might not realise that certain things were missing from the unpacked box, but if she opened the sealed box, Gu Qing Yu would definitely find out.

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