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Chapter 21 Had to pay the price!

Gu Qing Yu knew what she was concerned about and handed the contract to her directly, “Your portion will be 80%, and the remaining 20% will be the cost of packaging and promoting you. You have absolute autonomy over your work and won’t be forced to take or do what you don’t want to do. There is no time limit on the contract. You can leave anytime you want, just as long as you give a month’s notice. No penalty is required for breach of contract.”

She mentioned the key points briefly and Lin Han Jiao’s eyes widened. The conditions were so good?!

She knew very well that the treatments of online celebrities couldn’t be so good, moreover there were a lots of benefits given to her in the contract that Gu Qing Yu didn’t mention…

Her heart moved.

Half an hour later, she registered on Weibo and posted a video under the curses and insults of netizens. She apologized to Gu Qing Yu formally and explained how she got her plastic surgery done, how she met Gu Qing Chen and why she pretended to be Gu Qing Yu. Although she still received a lot of abuse, the attention she received was remarkable.

The comments under her Weibo post reached tens of thousands in just one hour, and her fans reached 100,000 in less than an hour.

In less than a day, Lin Han Jiao became an internet celebrity with a hundred thousand fans, although the popularity was a mix of good and bad.

At this time, Duan Xing Yuan, who had flown to the imperial capital on a business trip finally learned the truth behind the video. He looked at the screenshots posted by Gu Qing Yu on Weibo as well as the apology and clarification video of Lin Han Jiao who had @him and his face darkened instantly.

So, he had really misunderstood Gu Qing Yu?

Thinking of Gu Qing Yu’s pale face that day when he pushed her away, told her not to appear in front of him again and asked the security guards to drag her out…

His heart suddenly seized.

At the very least, she was the woman he had liked when he was young, falling in love with her at first sight when she was fifteen. She had been so soft and beautiful that he had wanted to take good care of her and protect her…..

For her, he had even opened a branch in S City and found a way to try to cooperate with the Gu family which the Duan family used to look down on. He gave Father Gu a lot of benefits and successfully pleased him, making him agree to allow him to pursue his daughter, directly engaging her when she was eighteen years old!

And the more she grew, the more beautiful she became. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he’d just wanted to make the first move and make her his.

After all, she was too beautiful and he felt a sense of crisis when he saw the boys that rotated around her. Now that she was stuck in S city, her world was still very small and there weren’t too many powerful men after her, but if her world expanded in the future and more men with prestige liked her, he wouldn’t have much of an advantage…

He had always been proud of his success in winning Gu Qing Yu and getting engaged to her and he couldn’t wait to marry her after she graduated from university so that he could take her back to the imperial capital to make everyone envy him.

Unexpectedly he wasn’t envied, but ridiculed by his friends and everyone in the capital because of the video that showed that he had been cheated on!

That was why he had been so angry.

But now, he found out that he hadn’t been cheated on at all and that Qing Yu had always loved him. That’s right, she was so simple and kind, how could she have done such a thing? He was the one who had misunderstood her…

No, it was the fault of that d*mn Gu Qing Chen, Shen Cheng and the fault of Lin Han Jiao who had dared to use his fiancee’s face for plastic surgery!!

His eyes became incomparably gloomy as he gritted his teeth, these people…

Had to pay the price!

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Lol what a hyporcite. All he ever wanted was a trophy wife he could flaunt. But when there’s even a tiny bit of dirt smeared he’ll go and turn his back on it.

  2. Wow, another trash here. Duan something, If you really love her, you would’ve investigated first on whether this video is true or not and hear your fianceé’s explanation, not immediately rejected her and even order your subordinates to drag her out.

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