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Chapter 289 Actually I… have always liked you

Gu Qing Yu had no idea what kind of nonsense Shao Zi Han was thinking, she was just surprised. She hadn’t seen him for a few years, so why had Shao Zi Han come to see her?

However, she soon found out.

Shao Zi Han locked the door.

She froze, “What are you doing?”

Shao Zi Han walked towards her, “Qing Yu, actually I….. have always liked you.”


Gu Qing Yu’s mouth twitched, “I’m already married.”

“But, you’re attached to that man aren’t you? Qing Yu, you’re so outstanding, you shouldn’t be attached to any man. You can have your own career, your own achievements, right?”

Shao Zi Han reached out to touch her face but Gu Qing Yu quickly ducked away, her eyes instantly turning cold.

“What are you trying to say?”

Shao Zi Han continued, “I can help you, I can make you the youngest and most valuable beautiful painter, I can make you famous all over the world, I can also make you my leading lady, make you star in a movie, make everyone like you…..”

Gu Qing Yu’s mouth twitched and in her mind, Fei Fei told her what Shao Zi Han had done over the years. It turns out that over the years, Shao Zi Han had gradually become the boss of a company through various means, mainly through various women who were willing to support him. He wrote and painted back then, but now he had turned his works directly into movies and TV series. His plots were okay, he had invited certain very popular young fresh ‘meat’ and small flowers and his movies were actually doing well at the box office, with the flowers in the entertainment circle trying to please him in order to feature in his movies.

Shao Zi Han had been painting occasionally over the years, so his paintings were purchased by many popular fresh ‘meat’ and young flowers at reasonable prices and shown on various live broadcasts and shows at the right time, to please Shao Zi Han.

The fan effect of celebrities was very powerful, because the fans, seeing that so many celebrities owned Shao Zi Han’s paintings, also thought that Shao Zi Han’s paintings were very good, with some people even paying six figures for his paintings in order to give them to their loved ones.

So, Shao Zi Han became a famous director and a famous painter in the eyes of everyone and he was doing very well in these two circles.

Having risen to his current position, Shao Zi Han was no longer as short of money as he was at the beginning, not to mention he didn’t need to impress those rich ladies as he did when he first graduated. He was now surrounded by countless women, but he was very selective, preferring those who were good-looking and rich, and who could help him.

Obviously, Shao Zi Han now felt that Gu Qing Yu was the right one for him.

Listening to Fei Fei’s deduced conclusion, Gu Qing Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

She looked at Shao Zi Han, who was wearing designer clothes and his largely swept-back hair and thought he was really unbelievably greasy. Smiling a little, she told him, “Shao Zi Han, I’m married.”

“So what? You’re married but you can still have your own life, you can still shine on your own.” Shao Zi Han thought that it was because she had married into a wealthy family that was why she was restricted by Mu Xuan Qing and didn’t dare show her face. After all, he had met many rich and lonely ladies in the past who were like this.

When he saw the hot searches, he only focused on how powerful Mu Xuan Qing was and how powerful the Shen family behind Gu Qing Yu was. As for what she had achieved on her own, in Shao Zi Han’s opinion, it had been done entirely on the back of Mu Xuan Qing, or even, the back of the Shen family.

Therefore, he assumed that Gu Qing Yu was as unhappy as all of the wealthy women he had come into contact with and had to be lonely inside.

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