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Chapter 98 Elder brother, something like this can also happen to you too!

Chen Gaoyu was clearly teasing him. After all, although he and Mu Xuan Qing were both Bai Xiuqi’s disciples, it was always Mu Xuan Qing who was more popular between the two of them, so it was rare to see someone actually give him a gift but ignore Mu Xuan Qing. He gloated a little.

Mu Xuan Qing’s hand that was about to pick up the teacup paused, then he looked at Gu Qing Yu.

That’s right, she had only brought two pots of orchids over, giving one to Master and the other to second brother without even mentioning him at all, as if he was invisible.

Mu Xuan Qing had never been short of anything, nor did he like to receive gifts as they just piled up in the store room taking up space, moreover hardly anyone could deliver anything that he would love.

And he didn’t want to receive gifts either, because people usually gave them in the hopes that he would do something for them in return which only annoyed him.

Ever since he turned ten, he hadn’t looked forward to receiving gifts at all.

But at this moment, he looked at Gu Qing Yu, raising his eyebrows.

Chen Gaoyu was right. Why did she give master and second brother gifts but not him?

A look of amusement appeared on Chen Gaoyu’s face and seeing the expression on his eldest disciple’s face that looked as if he was really considering this issue, Bai Xiuqi was surprised, then a smile entered his eyes.

It seemed to be the same as what he had seen earlier. His eldest disciple…. had a very special attitude towards his new disciple!

When had Mu Xuan Qing ever cared if others gave him gifts or not?

He didn’t even accept gifts from others! But now, facing his little sister, he was acting as if he was asking for a gift!

Even though she was being stared at by three people, Gu Qing Yu was relatively calm and collected, “But, elder brother….. didn’t give me a gift either.”

She smiled, “I’m very fair. Master and second brother gave me a gift, so where’s elder brother’s gift? What are you going to give me?”


Mu Xuan Qing was speechless.

Yes, he hadn’t given her a gift…

Actually, he only needed to say the word and he could have a very good gift prepared for her, however on the way here, he hadn’t remembered this at all, which was different from the usual him. In the past, as he was in a position of power, whenever he was dealing with other people, his manners were always very impeccable and even if he didn’t prepare anything, Chen Ran would have prepared it for him in advance– he didn’t need to bother about it.

But Gu Qing Yu….

Gu Qing Yu’s gift couldn’t be ordinary, that’s why he didn’t seem to have any intention of asking Chen Ran to prepare it.

Moreover at the moment, Chen Ran had gone on an errand for him and wasn’t around, so he hadn’t prepared anything in advance without needing his say so as he usually did.

Chen Gaoyu couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he looked at his speechless expression. “Elder brother, something like this can also happen to you too!”

Anytime Chen Gaoyu used to see Mu Xuan Qing in the past, he would always feel that his elder brother was like someone who only lived in a legend, so perfect that he couldn’t find any flaws; however he couldn’t feel any emotional ups and downs from him, so although he held much respect towards Mu Xuan Qing who was his elder brother, he didn’t have any deep feelings towards him.

But at this moment, seeing Mu Xuan Qing who was a bit dumbfounded by Gu Qing Yu’s words, he suddenly felt his elder brother’s warmth.

It turns out he was also a human being, that he was also so cute at times.

Chen Gaoyu suddenly liked his little sister who he had only met for the first time today even more.

It took a long time before Mu Xuan Qing opened his mouth, “I’ll make it up to you.”

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