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Chapter 125 Come together

“Pretty girl, are you lost? Do you need big brother to take you out?”

One of the thugs stared at Gu Qing Yu’s beautiful face with astonishment in his eyes.

They had been amazed when they’d received the pictures of the target but had only thought it might be photoshop. After all, there were so many beauty apps online nowadays, so how could there be such a beautiful woman in reality who was even more beautiful than the female celebrities in the entertainment industry?

Unexpectedly she existed in real life and was even more beautiful than in the pictures!

The other two thugs were also itching to get into the game, but they were more sensible, “Big brother, let’s finish the job first and take her somewhere else, then we can do whatever we want….”

Then we can do whatever we want?

Gu Qing Yu smiled. They probably hadn’t tasted the iron fist of the aliens before… but, but who had? It was an honor for them to probably be the first people on Earth to experience it.

But she was more interested in the other word they had mentioned more than anything…

‘The job…’

What job? Who sent them after her? She was very curious!

She watched as the three thugs surrounded her, but the more they got closer to her, the more strange things seemed. Wouldn’t a normal young girl cower in fear or scream or try to run away at a time like this? They had already prepared themselves accordingly and would never let her have a chance to escape…..

But the beautiful girl in front of them had no fear on her face, and was even waiting calmly for them to get closer…


They weren’t seeing things, right?

The one who’d had the audacity to look at Gu Qing Yu was even more itchy and reached out his hand, wanting to touch her face, but the next moment, he felt a pain in the most vulnerable part of his body. Gu Qing Yu’s foot kicked him and his whole body flew up heavily, before hitting the wall in the alleyway and sliding down like a piece of flattened dough.

The other two thugs were dumbfounded. Their eyes were working, right? How could this skinny, frail-looking woman kick their boss into the wall with one kick?

Gu Qing Yu smiled faintly, “Come together.”


They looked at each other and after thinking about it, gritted their teeth and jumped at her!

It must have been an illusion. This woman must have just kicked their boss in a vital area when he was least expecting it, that was why he was kicked so hard and still hadn’t got up.

Facts proved, that they were too naive.

The sounds of flesh hitting the wall, muffled grunts and wails of pain came from the men in the alleyway, echoing all around. Gu Qing Yu smiled with pleasure as she wiped the dust off her hands and looked down at the three thugs stacked on top of each other. She stepped on the back of the one on top and crushed them all together mercilessly.

“Tell me, who sent you here? What do you want?”

The thugs gritted their teeth, “Grandaunt, please let us go, we’re… we’re wrong. We’ll give you all the money they gave us, we don’t want it anymore!!!”

They regretted it. They didn’t expect that such a simple task, where they even thought they could finish it easily and even get to eat the tofu of a beautiful woman had unexpectedly turned out to be coming face to face with a beauty who was a super killer…

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Now I feel confused unless shes now fixed her body and can exert power like normal but probably still not to her peak since she needs to exercise more. Well ill wait and see but if it pulls another sensitive start crying im done

    1. Well, from what I learned from the bits of description of her race, if she has already on her peak condition, those thugs have already sent to heaven (or maybe hell), so eventhough she could beat them up, her condition probably isn’t fully fixed.

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