Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 220 She wouldn’t allow anyone to touch what was hers!

The breath of Chen Ran, who was in the front caught.

What did he just hear? Sir wanted to marry Miss Gu as soon as possible, but Miss Gu replied arrogantly that Sir was disobedient, so she didn’t want to?

Moreover, the way Sir took Miss Gu into his arms just now was too….

He was too skilled, right?

Previously, he was even cautious about holding hands, but now….

Sure enough, people with a nightlife were different.

Chen Ran thought to himself sourly, I wonder when I will have a nightlife….


Last night Sir was disobedient? How disobedient? She should give more details, he’d love to know!

Chen Ran’s ears perked up as his blood boiled a little.

Mu Xuan Qing knew him all too well. He hadn’t said anything, but from the subtle change in his expression, he could guess what he was thinking.

The corners of his mouth twitching, Mu Xuan Qing didn’t hesitate to pull the partition in the middle down.

Chen Ran :….

Alright, ever since Sir had installed this after he had gotten together with Miss Gu, he knew that he would use it sooner or later…. he just hadn’t expected that it would be so soon.

At the back, Gu Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the partition that had been pulled down.

“Sir ~ do you want to do something unseemly and bad again?”

The next second, her lips were blocked by Mu Xuan Qing.

“Qing Yu, I’m going back to the Imperial Capital tonight….”

He couldn’t bear to let her go.

He was already sad that he was about to part with her, but now…. he was even more sad.

He wished he could make her smaller and put her in his pocket so he could see her every second of the day.

But he couldn’t do that.

It was too dangerous for her to be around him…. especially over in the Imperial Capital.

During this period of time, he had vaguely sensed that the organization that was working against him had now moved its focus completely to the Imperial Capital, but he was in no rush. After all, the Imperial Capital was his home base, and what those people wanted to do there…

Was really not an easy task!

Mu Xuan Qing’s words made Gu Qing Yu quieten down as well. That’s right, he was leaving again; even though he had done something pretty dodgy last night, she still couldn’t bear to let him go.

Gu Wen Qiang’s words as she left home suddenly rang in her mind. She was in S Capital and he was in the Imperial Capital, and, with his status and conditions, there would be no shortage of beauties around him, and there would even be all kinds of beauties who would be even more proactive….

She wouldn’t allow anyone to touch what was hers!

She narrowed her eyes, ” Sir ~”


“I suddenly feel like I need to leave my mark on you too….”

With that, she didn’t hesitate to bite his neck. It didn’t hurt, it mostly tickled, and this ticklish feeling even made his blood stir again a little, but it felt too good to stop her.

His hands clenching into fists, Mu Xuan Qing allowed her leave a mark on his body in a conspicuous place, then looking at her smug grin which revealed her white teeth, couldn’t resist pouncing on her, “It’s my turn….”

The only fair way to leave a mark, was to leave it on each other.


Chen Ran didn’t know what was happening behind him, but vaguely heard the movement. If he hadn’t felt it at all, it would have been fine, but this kind of feeling and knowing but not seeing bred more curiosity, causing him to feel a little tickled. He was able to feel the air that was full of ambiguity, which made him feel that he this single dog was being abused. He very much wanted to abandon the car and flee, but he didn’t dare and could only stiffen as the door on Miss Gu’s side opened, and then watched as Sir came down and then….


Chen Ran’s eyes narrowed. Sir’s neck, his slightly exposed collarbone from his unbuttoned shirt, his ears, arms….. what were all these?!

And, on Miss Gu too…..

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  1. Sigh, this romance seems to be devolving into something rather immature.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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