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Chapter 203 Even if she died she wouldn’t admit it

Zhuang Jing smiled a little, nodded, and said, “Of course. But… teacher, can I ask why you are asking this question?”

Teacher Huang and the others were surprised by Zhuang Jing’s calm demeanor, then felt in their hearts that she was brazen. Teacher Liu even held Gu Qing Yu’s phone up coldly, “We received a report here that this painting of yours, already has a finished product. This is a painting that predates yours. And…. this one is better and much more superior to the one you painted!”

After all, Zhuang Jing’s painting was completed just today, while the one in the picture, which was clearly superior, was completed earlier. Furthermore, because Gu Qing Yu had been competing in the national painting category, which was synchronized with the oil painting category, it was impossible for her to go and paint another one in the middle of the competition just to wrong her. What’s more, Gu Qing Yu had no need to do so.

Teacher Liu motioned to the staff member next to him, who immediately projected the image on the big screen, causing a commotion.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see how similar this painting was to the one that had won first prize today, and it was also clearly older than Zhuang Jing’s.

Li Qingquan, who won the second prize, narrowed his eyes. Tsk, tsk. When he saw Zhuang Jing’s painting earlier, he had even thought for a moment that she had done a good job and was okay with his defeat, but now it seemed that it was simply a plagiarized work. Utterly disgusting!

He moved a little further away from her in disgust.

Zhuang Jing cursed vehemently in her heart as the uproar continued and everyone began to doubt her. How could Gu Qing Yu have happened to see her painting just at this time? There would have been a thousand ways she could have refuted it if she had been a step later and hadn’t pointed it out on the spot, but now she could only smile and say:

“Judges, I have to admit that although this painting is my original, today isn’t actually the first time I’ve painted it. When I saw the theme of the competition today, the first thing that came to mind was a painting I had done myself previously, so I got a little lazy and only copied my own painting… I reasoned that because not many people had seen my painting, it didn’t matter… This is entirely my fault.”

Biting her lower lip with a playful expression, she continued, “I also admit that the one I painted today isn’t as good as the one I have at home, because it took me three days to paint this one when I was at home, and we were only given three hours today… However, I’m a bit confused. Who is this source? How did she get her hands on my painting? It couldn’t be one of the students from our school, right? You have to know that I created this painting in school, and that other students may have seen it…”

Zhuang Jing spoke clearly and cogently, and didn’t appear nervous at all; making the crowd who heard this feel that what she was saying was very reasonable. After all, many of them were actually artists and had too little time to participate in exams or competitions that required originality, the need to conceive ideas, and other such requirements before painting, so they usually chose the ones they had already practiced and painted…

And, because her painting had been created in the school studio, it was only natural that others would notice and even take a picture of it.

Based on this, it appeared that the judges’ conclusion that she had copied and imitated someone else’s painting based on a single image was insufficient.

After all, there was no rule in the competition that stated that one couldn’t copy their previous paintings.

The crowd started to whisper again, and this time even a few of the judges were a little dumbfounded as they looked at Gu Qing Yu, whom they naturally believed in, in unison.

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