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Chapter 124 Followed

“Ah, it’s only 10 minutes? Why do I feel like I’ve watched a movie?!”

“I don’t feel the same way. How come it’s only ten minutes? I feel like I’ve seen less than two minutes and it’s gone! I could have watched two more hours!!”

“At first, I thought it was children’s animation that was bought and marketed by the hot search companies, but now I’m really impressed…. it’s so good!”

“Fei Fei Studio… seems to be a new company, how come there’s only one production…”

“I don’t know if there’s a next episode. I feel like I can’t get enough after watching it.”


Gu Qing Yu nodded her head in satisfaction as she looked at the reactions. Good, it seemed people liked her test work, giving her the confidence to create her own animated movie.

When she clicked on the backstage of K Station, she found a system email from the station, inviting her to sign a contract with them.

Gu Qing Yu was surprised, because K Station was an original video site where only original content could be published, not republished content.

They only needed to upload their works and once they had a certain amount of view count, they would definitely receive advertising revenue.

This was why K Station was so popular among UPs. There were many UPs on K Station, but only a very small number of them would be able to sign a contract with the station because the quality of the videos they uploaded was usually high and the number of views they received was also high, therefore in order to retain these UPs, the station would sign a contract with them, promising to recommend their videos and give them a larger share of the advertising revenue.

However, there were millions of UPs on K Station and tens of thousands of studios, but K Station was so demanding that less than 1,000 UPs had signed contracts with them, with many studios having less of an opportunity to do so.

But now, she’d only uploaded her first video and they’d taken the initiative to sign a contract with her?

And presumably as a gesture of goodwill, had given her a recommendation on the home page of their site…. without signing anything with her.

It seems her ‘Fei Fei Adventures’ was very successful!

If she signed a contract she would be able to get a bigger share. If she got good recommendations, she would get more views, and if she got more views, she would get higher advertising revenue….

With this in mind, Gu Qing Yu, who was short of money, didn’t hesitate to agree to signing a contract.

After contacting the editor of the website and agreeing on the terms of the contract, she printed it out and planned to go out to the courier. Unexpectedly, as soon as she left the neighborhood, she was followed by thugs.

“Master, three men are following you!”

As soon as his master encountered potential danger, Fei Fei, who was in hibernation most of the time, came to the fore.

Gu Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. Being followed as soon as she left the entrance of the community. It was obviously not to steal from her or anything. They had come for her.

Who could have sent them? She seemed to have offended quite a lot people…

Even though the three people following her were men, with their feeble footsteps but strong-armed appearance, Gu Qing Yu didn’t think much of them.

Without any haste, she delivered the contract and, as if to give them a chance, strolled leisurely into a deserted alleyway.

When she turned around, the three thugs were already blocking the entrance to the alleyway.

They were all wearing masks, obviously afraid that she would recognise them, which proved that they were just ordinary thugs, not ones capable of killing or committing arson.

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