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Chapter 62 Sun Caiyu

He had given her so many chances to hurt him, and yet she really just wanted to sleep?

On the other end, Duan Xing Yuan had an unbearable headache.

He had already made a deal with his grandfather to call off the engagement with Gu Qing Yu, but even if the engagement was called off, he still cared about her, and the thought that she had been invited by their Duan family, but they had let her leave alone even going so far as to let her walk…

He simply felt awful!

However, now that Gu Qing Yu wasn’t answering his calls either, he took a deep breath and called Gu Wen Qiang, whose face turned pale after learning that the two weren’t together at the moment and hearing Duan Xing Yuan hint that their marriage might not go well.

After hanging up, Gu Wen Qiang called Gu Qing Yu, however her phone kept saying switched off. He slammed the phone down angrily.

At this moment, Gu Qing Yu was already sleeping soundly in Mu Xuan Qing’s bed.

It was said that she was going to be Sir’s person, but he was too mysterious and moreover, too busy. When Gu Qing Yu woke up the next day, he was nowhere to be seen.

However Chen Ran was still around and when he saw her coming downstairs, he invited her to the table for breakfast respectfully. It was only after Gu Qing Yu had eaten to her fill and feeling bored that she asked about Mu Xuan Qing before Chen Ran said,

“Sir is out on an errand, but he asked me to follow Miss Gu, would you like to go shopping somewhere?”

It wasn’t the first time the original owner had come to the Imperial City, but it was the first time for her!

With so many places of interest in the imperial capital, Gu Qing Yu was interested, so she nodded, “Let’s go!”

Chen Ran felt that he was really all-powerful. At Mu Xuan Qing’s side, he could be a senior secretary, a bodyguard, a driver, and now, even a tour guide.

Gu Qing Yu shopped around excitedly for a long time and when it was afternoon, Chen Ran found a restaurant that didn’t look like a restaurant from the outside, but had something for her to eat inside. As Gu Qing Yu ate, she kept feeling that there was an odd line of sight that kept focusing on her and when she narrowed her eyes and raised her head in a pretend fashion, she met a pair of eyes that carried a bit of scrutiny and hostility…

Chen Ran followed her line of sight and quickly noticed them. He narrowed his eyes.

“Miss Gu, that’s Miss Sun, Sun Caiyu, your ex-fiancé… went on a blind date with her a while ago.”

So that was it, no wonder there was hostility towards her…

Gu Qing Yu smiled as she sipped her tea, not taking the other party seriously.

Sun Caiyu couldn’t respond inappropriately to her, but her best friend looked at Gu Qing Yu and said, “She really does look like a vixen! No wonder she was able to charm brother Xing Yuan into forgetting his home and running off to S City!”

Although the blind date had only been arranged recently, Sun Caiyu actually had a crush on Duan Xing Yuan way back in high school and had taken the initiative to approach him, but Duan Xing Yuan always had little impression of her and only treated her as an ordinary junior sister. After she returned from studying abroad and met again, Duan Xing Yuan had even forgot about her existence directly…

She pursed her lips, her mood a little complicated.

She had thought that marriage was destined to be involuntary for families like theirs, so she had been so relieved, thinking that when she graduated from university and reached a marriageable age, her parents would find a suitable husband for her, and in the whole of the imperial capital, apart from Duan Xing Yuan, who else would her father look at?

She was also in no hurry, waiting until after she graduated from university. Unexpectedly, after Duan Xing Yuan returned from studying abroad and joined his family’s company, he went straight to S City on a business trip and then, fell in love with Gu Qing Yu at first sight…

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

    1. Because its easier to blame the other women rather then accepting the fact that the guy she liked has no interest in her. Thus, everything that is wrong is because of that woman. However, she doesn’t even realize that even if the Original girl wasn’t there she still wouldn’t get the chance even now.

  1. Oh so she the standard thot type that thinks a man is hers if she see him. Thankfully this isn’t a male protagonist nobel otherwise he would be a re tard and accept the advances even if he has a lover

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