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Chapter 57 If you follow me, you become my person

But then came the question, not only did she not die a violent death after drinking his blood, there wasn’t even a single abnormality in her body?

Gu Qing Yu blinked, looking at him, “Do you want more?”

Compared to her sucking his, the amount of blood he had sucked from her seemed to be much less.

Mu Xuan Qing smiled faintly, “There’s no need.”

He’d already determined what he wanted to know.

As he said this, he moved straight ahead.

However, every time he took a step, Gu Qing Yu beside him followed suit boldly.

He stopped in his tracks, “You want to follow me?”

“Can’t I?” She blinked.

“You can.” He said, “However if you follow me, you become my person, understand?”

His person?

Did that mean he had to be in charge of raising her?!

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head with all her might, “Understood! I want to follow you and become your person!”


Chen Ran choked.

Girls nowadays were really… bold, moreover saying such words, she actually didn’t feel shy at all, instead she said it confidently…..

Chen Ran couldn’t help but wonder if he was a bit out of touch with the times because he wasn’t getting along with ordinary people his age.

Mu Xuan Qing stopped in his tracks and glanced at Chen Ran, who averted his eyes sheepishly.

Gu Qing Yu, on the other hand, didn’t even look at Chen Ran; her eyes were only on Mu Xuan Qing, like a puppy lured away by a delicious sausage, staring at her delicious food without letting go.

“If you become my person, you have to follow me and listen to my words…. can you do that?” Mu Xuan Qing looked at her steadily.

“Mmm! I can!” Gu Qing Yu’s eyes lit up as she nodded desperately.

Wasn’t this a good thing? She just wanted to stay by his side! When she was by his side, she always felt that she absorbed energy much faster, and besides, if she couldn’t eat it, she’d be content just watching and smelling it, so maybe one day she would be able to eat it?

The corners of Mu Xuan Qing’s mouth couldn’t help but hook up.

“Then you can follow me.”

No longer concerning himself with her, he turned his head to continue walking forward and Gu Qing Yu, who was giddy with excitement followed, without the slightest intention of leaving.


Chen Ran was silent for a long time, swallowing hard.

Sir had never allowed anyone near him, but this time he actually allowed Miss Gu to follow him, and even stated that Miss Gu was his…

It seems they all had to re-evaluate the status of this Miss Gu who was about to be abandoned by her fiancé.

However, speaking of fiancées…

Chen Ran suddenly remembered the ring Sir had given Duan Xing Yuan that day, and because he was one of the few people who could get close to Sir, he could see that Sir didn’t like Duan Xing Yuan and even disliked the young master of the Duan family. He met him, most likely because of Miss Gu…

Previously, he thought Sir had asked him to prepare the ring they used as an internal token because he liked Duan Xing Yuan, but now it appeared that Duan Xing Yuan had more options than Miss Gu after receiving that ring…

Therefore, it was highly likely that his engagement with Miss Gu would be broken off in the near future.

Could it be that this was Sir’s plan!

Chen Ran stared ahead, looking at the figures in front of him, one was calm and the other was jumping, feeling that he had discovered a blind spot!

Sir… didn’t…

Really like Miss Gu did he?!

Although she was said to have become Mu Xuan Qing’s person, when she arrived at the Mu family, she didn’t know where Mu Xuan Qing went and somewhat bored, Gu Qing Yu started playing with the things she found around when her phone suddenly rang. Looking at it, she saw that it was Duan Xing Yuan.

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