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Chapter 265 Let’s get married

Pain stimulated the nerves, giving rise to an animal like nature, giving the feeling that one’s blood was boiling.

So, as they bit and bit each other, the atmosphere changed once again.

Gu Qing Yu found herself at a disadvantage no matter what she did.

And, he wasn’t the same as she remembered. He was like a different person.

“Gu Qing Yu….”

“Hmm?” She was so sleepy that she couldn’t even open her eyes, but he kept waking her up, staring at her without taking his eyes off and wouldn’t let her sleep. She was so tired that she felt like she could just pass out while sitting or standing, okay!

“Gu Qing Yu….”

“What the h*ll!!” Gu Qing Yu became a little irritated but her eyes didn’t open. Instead, she waved her hand as if she was swatting at a mosquito, but, he grabbed her hand gently and didn’t let go. He didn’t use much force, but she couldn’t break away from it at the moment as she didn’t have much strength at all.

One bite, two bites…

Was this man a dog? Even licking her hand?

Gu Qing Yu wanted to bite back, but she was so tired….

Her consciousness blurred once again as if only for a moment, but then in the next second, someone called her again, “Gu Qing Yu……”

“If you have something to f*cking say, just do it quickly!!”

Her eyes finally snapped open and she glared at him even as she gritted her teeth. Her eyes were bloodshot and there was a mist of tired tears at the corners of her eyes. She looked like a pissed off beast, but as Mu Xuan Qing looked at the person in front of him who could talk, move, bite and curse, he was incredibly content.

Finally, she was responding. She was no longer just lying there immobile, unable to speak, eat, look at him, or respond to him, dead and stiff as she had been for the previous month or so.

That had become a psychological shadow and a nightmare for him, so now he couldn’t even look at her when she had her eyes closed and asleep, because that would make him feel as if she had gone back into that state that frightened him so much.

So he was relieved to see her pissed off, his heart settling down.

She was real, was alive, was warm, was full of energy….

His eyes instantly became incredibly tender, “Gu Qing Yu, let’s get married.”

He said.


Gu Qing Yu couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Was he crazy?

After finally being able to return, he didn’t ask her what had happened all this time, why she hadn’t come back for so long, nor did he tell her how he’d spent his time, not even a word was spoken when he’d tossed her just now. He had just treated her with unparalleled ferocity, as if to release the pain he had been through all this time and to prove that she was really alive.

And then now, when she was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes and all she could think about was sleep, he was suddenly saying, let’s get married?

“Mu Xuan Qing, are you crazy…..”

She closed her eyes in near collapse, her head a mess, “Let me sleep!!”

“Give me an answer first.” He leaned in close to her ear, teasing it as if her earlobe was some kind of fun toy.


Gu Qing Yu didn’t hear him at all, or rather, she did but she was really exhausted and so fell asleep straight away the next second, only to be woken up again the next second.

“Qing Yu…. marry me, okay?”


She wanted to hit him, would he take that as a yes? Even if he didn’t say yes, she would still want to hit him!!

Reaching out fiercely, she pinched him around the waist.

But then halfway through, she was so tired that she fell asleep again.

Then like a dog, he move forward and woke her up.

“Qing Yu… say yes. Say yes and I’ll let you sleep.” He coaxed her softly.

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