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Chapter 14 Looking for evidence

But she didn’t need to prove her innocence.

She only needed to look for the person who shot and uploaded the video in the first place.

“Fei Fei?”

Gu Qing Yu whispered softly and in the next second, the silver pendant around her neck flashed, “Master, I’m here.”

Gu Qing Yu suddenly became more relaxed. Her spaceship was still there. Although it was a little worn out when it entered the earth and had become a bit old because it had been flying in the universe for too long, as long as it was still there, she felt safe.

If, one day in the future she got tired of this planet, she could leave again in her spaceship and maybe meet her kind.

But now she had too little energy and it wasn’t enough to restore Fei Fei to its original shape so it could only stay in her space necklace. Fortunately, she was bound to it so that would allow it to do certain things for her.

“Collect all the information related to network technology in this world for me.” Gu Qing Yu said.

“Yes, master.”

Fei Fei was currently low on energy, so it automatically switched to the lowest energy consumption system mode. It didn’t have the noisy appearance it had before, making Gu Qing Yu a little uncomfortable, but this only made her want to gather more energy quickly.

Even though Fei Fei was in the energy-saving mode, it hacked into the earth’s network very easily. As it was a powerful system, it quickly integrated all the knowledge about network technology on the earth, divided it into categories and sent the information to the computer in front of Gu Qing Yu in a focused manner.

The people on their planet were already intelligent, not to mention that the earth’s network technology was so backward. It was actually very easy for Gu Qing Yu to hack into someone’s computer, but doing so without understanding earth’s technology would only consume too much useless time. She was going to stay on this planet for a long time anyway and would need to use the internet sooner or later, so she might as well start learning from the basics of this planet’s network technology first.

The energy was really too low, hence Fei Fei went back into hibernation again very quickly.

Gu Qing Yu opened the file. Although Fei Fei had already done the integration screening in advance, it still had more than 400 pages.

But the expression on her face didn’t change at all. If anyone saw this scene at this moment, they would be very surprised, because Gu Qing Yu’s eyes seemed to glow as they swept through the words and images on the screen, and then, as if the knowledge had been scanned into her brain, she remembered every word.

Moreover, she spent less than a minute on each page, and by the time it was daybreak, she had mastered the entire knowledge about the earth’s network technology completely.

Learning new knowledge was exciting for her, especially after a long period of loneliness and boredom.

Her body that was originally already exhausted was surprisingly more awake after a sleepless night.

As the day dawned, Gu Qing Yu easily used the techniques she had learned to find the person who had uploaded the video online…

It was…

An ordinary rich second generation kid? His name was…

Shen Cheng?

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed. He still had the original version of the video on his computer. That was to say, he made the video.

And this Shen Cheng…

She hacked into his cell phone and email and found that he was also a student of S University where she and Gu Qing Chen attended, but was a senior who was about to graduate.

From Shen Cheng’s WeChat account… it was obvious that he was in contact with Gu Qing Chen and also obvious that he wanted to date her, but once he came to the Gu family’s mansion and saw the original owner…

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  1. Oh nice so the ships still with her i thought it was on the way here. Either way hopefully she sets up her own company or something maybe something to do with Chinese medicine since plants seem to absorb energy. Though dont know how she can’t just plug into the earth, though that guys blood would also be useful. Seem lots to investigate which will make her feel excited

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