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Chapter 284 Even if you give me ten million, I won’t sell it!

The person who showed the painting refused proudly, “No, even if you give me ten million, I won’t sell it! This is an out-of-print painting….. I want to treasure it forever.”

There were many people who showed Gu Qing Yu’s painting and some actually sold it and made a fortune, but Gu Qing Yu didn’t care.

One of the paintings that was sold was a bit special. It was the painting that Zhuang Jing had stolen. Zhuang Jing had been released from prison, but Zhuang Zi Yi was afraid that she would offend Gu Qing Yu. It had to be known, that Gu Qing Yu had already been someone who was difficult to mess with and now she had the Shen family and the Mu family behind her. Who dared to mess with her?

Father Zhuang and Mother Zhuang were also terrified when they found out about Gu Qing Yu’s background. Fortunately their daughter didn’t succeed in the first place, because if she had…..

She would have died without an intact corpse!

Father Zhuang and Mother Zhuang, after listening to Zhuang Zi Yi’s analysis, simply took Zhuang Jing and moved abroad and didn’t dare to go too close to the Shen family’s powerful regions in Europe and America, choosing Australia. Although Zhuang Jing was unwilling and still wanted to take revenge, she found that she had to rely on Zhuang Zi Yi to transfer money to her every month, and she couldn’t even afford to live in luxury with the little money she had, so how could she save money to deal with Gu Qing Yu?

Even if she could, no one would dare to mess with Gu Qing Yu, let alone kill her. Even if they could touch her, the killers felt that dozens of holes would be shot into them before they could do anything.

So Zhuang Jing had to forget about it and didn’t dare to bother Gu Qing Yu again.

But the fact that she couldn’t go after Gu Qing Yu didn’t mean she couldn’t go after Lin Xiaoyi.

It was only after Zhuang Jing got out that she discovered that Lin Xiaoyi, who she thought was the enemy of her enemy also liked Shao Zi Han, and that after she was imprisoned, even got together with him! Although she became Shao Zi Han’s unnamed lover, she still managed to get her hands on her, Zhuang Jing’s man!

Zhuang Jing thought back, and the more she did, the more she realized that she had been trapped by Lin Xiaoyi!

Originally, she didn’t have such thoughts at all that day and even if she did, she wouldn’t have done it at school in front of so many people. It was because Lin Xiaoyi had hinted at it to her.

The more Zhuang Jing thought about it, the more angry she became. She couldn’t deal with Gu Qing Yu, but she could deal with Lin Xiaoyi who was from an ordinary background.

Gritting her teeth, Zhuang Jing saved several months of her living expenses, not buying clothes or bags and hired someone to deal with Lin Xiaoyi.

The person Zhuang Jing hired disfigured Lin Xiaoyi, making her completely devastated while Shao Zi Han, who had been with her for several years, gave her only a small sum of money and cut her off because of her disfigurement.

Although Lin Xiaoyi’s face could be restored through plastic surgery, Zhuang Jing was very satisfied with the torture she would have to endure in the process.

The two of them tangled with each other, however these were things Gu Qing Yu didn’t care about anymore.

And now, as if they were having a tea party, the bigwigs under Mu Xuan Qing’s account came together under his and Gu Qing Yu’s accounts to say everything they had wanted to say all these years.

A certain famous movie director: “President Mu has gotten a name, so I can finally say this. I know Sir and Madam have been together for two years and these two years have driven me crazy. I wanted to say it but didn’t dare. Now that Sir and Madam have gone public, can I ask?”

The famous movie director sent a pitiful emoji: “Can I make a movie of your story! Please, please!”

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