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Chapter 204 Show me the evidence!

However, Zhuang Jing appeared overly calm and justified, as if Gu Qing Yu was the one slandering her…

Gu Qing Yu shook her head, surprised that Zhuang Jing would say such things. But it was understandable, because her reputation was likely more important to her than anything else. What’s more, Shao Zihan was also here today…

She took the microphone from Teacher Huang’s grasp, turned to face Zhuang Jing on stage, and said calmly, “Student Zhuang, I provided this picture because I created this painting.”

Zhuang Jing gritted her teeth with hatred deep inside, especially when she found Shao Zihan looking at her with a weird expression, causing her to feel even more wretched. Forcing back her anger, she looked as if she was trembling with anger as she said:

“Your painting? Then can you produce the original version of this painting? Show me the evidence.”

She couldn’t produce it, because the painting was in her house!

Zhuang Jing thought so, but Gu Qing Yu laughed, surprising her, “Isn’t the painting at your house? It vanished after I sent it to the gallery… Did junior sister Zhuang also visit the gallery on that day?”

Determined that she couldn’t produce any evidence, Zhuang Jing said without fear, “Which day are you talking about? Even I myself can barely remember when I painted this painting… Senior Sister Gu, even if you are my Senior Sister from the same University, you can’t just slander me… However, after I painted this painting, some students did take pictures of it and said they wanted to study it, but later the pictures spread out. I understand that Senior Sister got this picture from somewhere and it’s normal to think that I didn’t create the painting in this picture, after all, I’m only a freshman, so you probably think I’m not good enough. But I created it, so Senior Sister can’t say it was painted by you, after all, facts speak louder than words.”

She was really too calm, so calm that everyone was almost convinced by her, even Teacher Liu, who was very supportive of Gu Qing Yu before frowned as he looked at Gu Qing Yu hoping she would give an explanation.

However Gu Qing Yu was also very calm and collected, “Yes, facts speak louder than words. Even if junior sister Zhuang has stolen the painting and taken it for yourself, so that I only have a photograph of the original version here, the painting is still mine. I’m guessing that even if I give you the time when this picture was taken, you would find a reason to say that you painted it at that time, or that the time has been tampered with… but it doesn’t matter… I have other evidence.”

Other evidence?!

Zhuang Jing was shocked.

No, it couldn’t be. The painting was in her hands, so what evidence could Gu Qing Yu have? Could it be… the draft?

It didn’t matter, even if she produced a draft, she could still claim that Gu Qing Yu had seen the picture of the painting earlier and had wanted to copy it before she drew the draft…

This was what Zhuang Jing told herself to regain her composure.

But to her surprise, Gu Qing Yu stared at the painting she had done today and asked, “Junior sister Zhuang, what does the blue lightning-like thing on the painting you did today represent?”

Zhuang Jing was stunned, not expecting that she would ask about an element in the painting. The blue lightning bolt was very small, yet it gave the impression of being the finishing touch to the painting, so indispensable that she even felt that the center of the whole painting was this tiny lightning bolt, only that it was farther away.

She wouldn’t know, of course, that this lightning bolt pattern was the planet in Gu Qing Yu’s mind, and that her Fei Fei had such a pattern on his body, one that was exclusively hers.

Zhuang Jing said with forced composure, “The lightning bolt was my flash of inspiration. It fits perfectly with today’s theme, doesn’t it?”

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I was expecting Fei Fei to produce some video evidence, but so far it just seems like hand-waving. Maybe next chapter we’ll finally see the nail in the coffin.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. did the translator cut one chapter into many parts? or does this author just write like this? if it’s the translator, i can understand but if it’s the author? why are they dragging the story? a lot of chapters could have just been put together into one and it would make the story flow better.

    1. I haven’t divided a single chapter of this novel into parts. It’s all according to the way the author divided the chapters 😊

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