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Chapter 233 Someone was watching her!

So, now that it was rare for a movie made entirely in C Country to be so good and to crush a Hollywood movie outright, not only did many C Country filmmakers feel exalted, even many patriotic viewers felt a sense of pride and honor as well as a good feeling for LILA and Fei Fei’s Studio and a sense of curiosity.

Shen Ruiyi and the two lead actors were inevitably asked questions about Fei Fei’s Studio during interviews. Some people had heard about Fei Fei’s Studio from previous collaborations between Zhuang Ziyi and Fei Fei’s Studio, and Gu Qing Yu had also attended the premiere. Moreover if it was checked, the legal connection between Gu Qing Yu and Fei Fei’s Studio would be discovered and he knew that Fei Fei’s Studio was also owned by Gu Qing Yu, so when it was mentioned, Shen Ruiyi thought about it and didn’t deny that:

“It’s true that Qing Yu is the owner of Fei Fei’s Studio. Don’t look at the fact that she’s young, she has a very good eye, and her special effects team is very good. LILA will be working more with Fei Fei’s Studio for the next while. “

Gu Qing Yu was the owner of Fei Fei’s Studio?!

When the news broke, it instantly went on the hot search on Weibo.

“Isn’t Gu Qing Yu an ordinary college student? If I remember correctly, she also studies painting. I believed it when it was said that the previous animated movie was related to her, but special effects …… can she do it?”

“She’s just the boss, it’s not as if she does the special effects herself.”

“I think that a young, pretty young lady like that running a studio just has her name on the company. Anyways there are people below her who do everything else for her.”

There was a lot of sour talk on Weibo, but more people wanted to work with Gu Qing Yu even more.

Although Gu Qing Yu wasn’t a celebrity, everything related to her is an instant hit, and it was obvious to everyone that she didn’t buy the hot searches herself. They were either real hot searches or ones that others bought to create scandals and rumors about her; however no matter what kind of hot searches they were, they were ones that she herself would eventually clear and then they in turn became her publicity tools.

If they worked with Gu Qing Yu, not only would their movies’ special effects take a quantum leap forward, they would also save a lot of money compared to going to an expensive special effects team in Hollywood, what’s more they would be able to leverage Gu Qing Yu’s connections to get more buzz. This was simply a two-for-one deal.

Gu Qing Yu had more people approaching her, but she didn’t accept everything to work on. She’d had Zhuang Zi Yi to look after her previous work, however Zhuang Zi Yi now had an awkward relationship with her because of Zhuang Jing, but with Shen Ruiyi, Shen Ruiyi asked someone experienced in LILA to negotiate all the work for her before giving the final selection to her.

Gu Qing Yu continued to maintain her relaxed, low-key pace of life which consisted of going to and from school, going home and experimenting and then making special effects which was the thing she spent the least amount of time on. It didn’t take much time anyway, what’s more the deadline for finished product was a few months away, so she could take her time and work on it one by one.

Because the body she was in was very weak, Gu Qing Yu had started working out a lot during this time, and even with the energy provided by Mu Xuan Qing, she was less eager to extract energy from the plants and more eager to improve her physical strength.

The area was safe and Mu Yi and Mu Er were around. What’s more if she used her energy, she could crush almost any Earthling.

So, Gu Qing Yu went out for a night run with great confidence. With the night breeze blowing, Gu Qing Yu ran and ran, however she kept on feeling something strange…..

It was as if someone was watching her!

She stopped and looked back and in the darkness, it was as if a pair of huge eyes were staring at her, but the next moment, she realized that it was just clouds floating in the sky. It seemed as if she was just thinking too much.

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  1. Uh, a satellite? I assume our satellites would be easily detectable by Gu Qing Yu. I hope it’s not some alien love rival.

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