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Chapter 43 He seems to be interested in me

However, Gu Qing Yu suddenly remembered something. That day Father Gu also said, she should just recover well and wait to get married….

It seems he had already expected this to happen.

However, they were bound to be disappointed.

The Duan family wasn’t going to agree to let them get married.

“Get married?”

Mu Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes when he heard Chen Ran’s report.

He had been sending people to keep an eye on Duan Xing Yuan and Gu Qing Yu during this period of time, but he never expected that he would learn such news.

Being kicked out of the company by her distrustful fiancé, and then having the security guards drag her out in front of everyone….

After being treated like this, she still agreed to marry Duan Xing Yuan? Did she love Duan Xing Yuan that much?

Or was marrying Duan Xing Yuan a way to hide her identity?

Getting married…


Seeing Mu Xuan Qing lift the already empty glass in his hand and drink the air, Chen Ran blinked, “That… I’ll have someone bring you another glass of water.”


Mu Xuan Qing stared at the empty glass in front of him, pursed his lips but didn’t say anything.

On the other end, Gu Qing Yu watched Duan Xing Yuan leave with a spring in his step. She narrowed her eyes and stared at the picture in front of her, “Fei Fei, who sent me this picture?”

Fei Fei checked it out quickly, “Master, it’s Mu Xuan Qing.”

“Mu Xuan Qing?” She raised an eyebrow, “Who is that?”

“Master, it’s the man who bought you ten bowls of noodles the other day.” Fei Fei answered.

Gu Qing Yu laughed lightly, “Ah, my precious source of food… He seems to be interested in me. It’s just as well, I’m interested in him too!”

Unfortunately, to meet him, she would have to wait until she had taken care of things here, such as, Gu Qing Chen.

Father Gu was indeed quite ruthless. He knew that if he got involved with Mrs. Gu now, both the company and he would suffer greatly, so he used Gu Qing Chen as a bargaining chip to get her to sign an agreement that they were divorced, moreover, he also announced to the public that he and Mrs. Gu in actual fact, didn’t have anything to do with each other a long time ago and that they were each living their own lives, but had been living together solely for the sake of the children. He totally hadn’t expected that she would to do such a thing…

Tut, tut. In one fell swoop, he cleared his relationship with Mrs. Gu, the criminal and whitewashed himself as a doting father who, for the sake of his child had maintained a superficial marital relationship with his ex-wife.

Although he didn’t succeed in clearing his name much, with Duan Xing Yuan’s ‘help’, the Gu Company would probably be able to regain stability soon.

He, a loving father? That was the funniest joke she had ever heard on Earth.

Mrs. Gu was indeed a loving mother, taking the blame for Gu Qing Chen, although she wasn’t innocent either, but now that all the blame was on her, Gu Qing Chen was off the hook.

That said, it seemed Gu Qing Chen hadn’t been back home these days….

Father Gu would never allow his daughter, whose reputation had been ruined to stay at home, not to mention that he was now in a divorced relationship with Mrs. Gu. It was seriously likely that he would send her out of the country…

He had promised her mother that he wouldn’t force Gu Qing Chen to marry Chen An Guo, and that she could marry someone she was satisfied with, so for the time being, he couldn’t do anything to Gu Qing Chen.

But whether Gu Qing Chen would be willing to go abroad meekly was another matter.

As far as she knew, Gu Qing Chen hadn’t been idle these past few days.

She couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she thought about what Gu Qing Chen had been up to in the last few days, amused.

She didn’t know what was wrong with Gu Qing Chen either; it was as if she was afraid that Gu Wen Qiang would still want to marry her off to someone like Chen An Guo, so she had been looking desperately for a boyfriend for some time, but because almost everyone in their circle knew about what she had done, even the men who had once been attracted to her were now indifferent.

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6 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

    1. I kinda hope so. She’ll probably try to drug someone to force responsibility…*barf*

      1. I have a question why does in every chinese novel if an incident happens in the CEO’s family it ends up affecting the stock prices of the company?. What does the owner’s private scandal have to do with the company.

        1. We’ll in China reputation is important that’s why it affects the stock of the company and maybe they’re thinking if he can’t even manage his private life what’s more a big company

  1. I thought she’d be like those annoying ultra dense FL moreover since she’s an alien and don’t understand human emotions well and all that but I’m glad she isn’t. She already knew ML was interested and her and she admitted her mutual interest at the start

    1. But her interesting might be a little different from ours. She just considers the ML a food source.

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