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Chapter 205 Special mark

“It turns out this is the reason. It does fit perfectly, no wonder junior sister Zhuang thought of this painting first… “

Gu Qing Yu smiled and walked over to the staff and connected her phone to the computer…

Zhuang Jing had a bad feeling in her heart and looking at the uneasy expression on her face, Gu Qing Yu smiled, “Junior sister probably doesn’t know that Senior Sister has a habit when she paints… “

She paused for a moment and Zhuang Jing suddenly held her breath, what to do? She had a bad feeling. Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t be so perverted as to have videotaped her whole painting process, right?

No, it didn’t matter. Even if there was a video, she could still say that it was Gu Qing Yu who had copied her painting…

But Zhuang Jing didn’t expect that Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t follow the rules at all. She just said with a smile, “Senior sister doesn’t like to sign her name, so she likes to leave her own special mark on her paintings, which is this lightning bolt, which is, by the way, very special. I believe junior sister noticed it while she was painting, correct? It has several layers, and there are additional small details hidden within… I just looked at your painting, junior sister really observed my painting very carefully, you even copied this small detail, it has really touched me….”

Lightning bolt… was her special mark?!

Zhuang Jing’s heart panicked, when she suddenly heard gasps of surprise from the people beneath the stage. Many of them even got together and started whispering.

She looked up at the big screen and discovered that Gu Qing Yu had actually released all of her paintings, enlarging them one by one. There were over twenty pictures, some of which had been sent to the gallery with her initials at the bottom, some without, but on each of them, there was clearly this lightning bolt, and although it was a different color and not the same size, the details on it, and the details on this painting she had today, were exactly the same!!!

It also included the painting with which she had won the prize the previous year. It had a lightning bolt on it as well!!!

There were so many pictures with this pattern, and as Gu Qing Yu explained, it was a special mark representing her, so it wasn’t necessary to think to know who the original artist was.

The way the crowd looked at Zhuang Jing instantly became incomparably contemptuous.

Shao Zihan’s face sank, and feeling too humiliated, turned his head and walked away.

Zhuang Jing bit her lower lip as she stood on the stage, unable to say a word.

The evidence was overwhelming, today’s first prize painting was clearly an imitation of Gu Qing Yu’s work, and this girl’s character was really bad, because even though she had copied it, she had actually lied and refused to admit it, and even tried to counter slander Gu Qing Yu, the original artist of the painting, it was simply…

The judges, with black faces, declared on the spot that Zhuang Jing’s first prize was invalid, and the first prize in the oil painting category today went to Li Qingquan, who won the second prize, and the third prize was automatically upgraded to the second prize, while for the third prize they chose a good painting among the outstanding ones and topped it up.

A number of today’s participants and spectators who had come solely to admire the painting proclaimed the incident, describing it vividly before they even left the venue. The fact that Zhuang Jing had plagiarized and imitated but refused to admit it and even slandered the original author had placed her on a pillar of shame, crushing her pride and self-esteem, and sending her to the brink of collapse.

When Zhuang Zi Yi found out about this from other people, his face turned black.

He didn’t expect that his sister would actually steal Gu Qing Yu’s painting and do such a humiliating thing. Fortunately, Gu Qing Yu had pointed it out on the spot; otherwise, if Gu Qing Yu hadn’t discovered this and Zhuang Jing had won first prize with her painting and Gu Qing Yu had later found out, he didn’t know how he would have explained it to Gu Qing Yu.

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Hmm, now she’s going to have to come up with another secret mark since all the would-be plagiarizers now know about the lightning bolt one.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. Not so invalid. I mean, my drawing is getting worse in 2nd attempt. That’s why I give my all in my first drawing so that I don’t have to draw the same thing for the second time, because I don’t have the confidence that my second drawing will be better than my first. And this is also why I can’t become a manga artist.

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