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Chapter 287 Singular Subject?

For example, Shao Zi Han.

Not having seen Shao Zi Han for years, Gu Qing Yu didn’t expect him to come to her of his own accord.

Shao Zi Han didn’t have Gu Qing Yu’s contact information, but was able to find her solely because of an art competition which was founded by their alma mater and for which the prize money was provided by Gu Qing Yu and as the founder she would naturally be present.

Originally, there weren’t too many people attending, so Gu Qing Yu had planned to go there in person, unexpectedly after she became a hot topic, the number of people who wanted to meet her and make connections with her increased, hence many people came to the award ceremony. So much so that local security had to be sent over to maintain order.

As the itinerary had already been confirmed, Gu Qing Yu still went up on stage to present the award.

“Miss Gu….. no Madam Mu, can you tell us how you and Sir Mu came together?”

“Madam Mu, did Sir Mu come over today?”

“Madam Mu, when are you planning to have a baby?”


Madam Mu herself, Gu Qing Yu sighed and not answering the questions, quickly went backstage.

She was now getting so much attention that some people had even live streamed the event and she was already back on the hot search, with the number one spot being, ‘Mu Xuan Qing, Gu Qing Yu’s child’.

Chen Gaoyu smiled as the corners of Gu Qing Yu’s mouth twitched, patting her on the shoulder, “Little junior sister, don’t you know that….. you’re now the most talked about person in all of C Country? One of your paintings has now been valued in the millions. Master and I, even Eldest Senior Brother….. your husband’s paintings can’t even sell for that price. Little junior sister, you have to treat me!”

“Second Senior Brother, don’t be sarcastic. This kind of thing, whoever wants it can take it….. Anyway my paintings are not for sale.”

Chen Gaoyu sighed, “Little junior sister, I’ve told you not to call me Second Senior Brother…..”

Gu Qing Yu smiled sweetly, “But you’re Second Senior Brother!”

Helpless, Chen Gaoyu could only change the subject, “If your paintings are not for sale, does this mean you’re not going to paint anymore?”

“Who said that? I’ve never stopped painting.”

Gu Qing Yu smiled. She had been very busy these past few years as a scientist and an entrepreneur, but she still painted from time to time. Mu Xuan Qing also painted a lot too and painting together had become a way of getting along for the two of them. When painting, they were both very relaxed, there was no awkwardness when they didn’t talk and they felt very free and very comfortable…..

They had a studio in each of their houses, especially in their house in the Imperial Capital; it was chock full of their paintings.

Only, the paintings really couldn’t be shown to outsiders…..

Because, the subject matter of their paintings, was too singular.

“Singular?” Chen Gaoyu raised an eyebrow after hearing this, “How is it singular? Is it just eggs?”

Smiling, Chen Gaoyu assured her, “Little junior sister, don’t worry, even if you only paint an egg, I can guarantee that the egg you draw will be the most expensive one!”

Rolling her eyes, Gu Qing Yu took out her phone, “See for yourself.”

She still had the same habit as before, taking pictures of each painting, because what if one day the paintings became damp and disappeared? At least then she would still have the pictures as keepsake.

Not only did she take pictures of her own paintings, she also took pictures of Mu Xuan Qing’s paintings too.


Chen Gaoyu saw hundreds of pictures of paintings on her phone, each one different, but it was really as she had said. The subject was particularly singular…..

Because Gu Qing Yu, who painted Mu Xuan Qing in clear colors, was also always the only subject in Mu Xuan Qing’s paintings.


Chen Gaoyu sighed, feeling a little sour as he handed the phone back to her with a forced smile.

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