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Chapter 105 You stole my master and now you’ve stolen my man?!

Mu Ai had just arrived, but before she could push open the door, she heard these words and almost burst out laughing in anger.

Forcing herself to hold back her anger, she bit her lower lip as she listened to the whole story, her face turning gloomy as she listened.

So, it wasn’t that the Duan family didn’t like Gu Qing Yu, but that Gu Qing Yu didn’t like Duan Xing Yuan anymore, right? Duan Xing Yuan even begged to get back together?

She was now picking up a man that Gu Qing Yu didn’t want, right?

And this man actually only gave her his work number, not even thinking about the fact that he was accompanying her to S City this time through work and that she might be looking for him, only bringing his personal phone out, and just leaving his work phone in the office!
Or did he simply not want to talk to her? After all, he still liked that b*tch Gu Qing Yu!

She had just been robbed of the qualification of becoming Bai Xiuqi’s disciple, and now she had been robbed of the man she had a rare liking for, Mu Ai almost went crazy.

As a young lady of the Mu family, even if she wasn’t the daughter of the head of the family, Mu Ai has been pampered by a lot of people since she was a child and had been able to to get whatever she wanted, however today she was already angry enough as it was but here Duan Xing Yuan was, directly pouring a bucket of oil on her anger.

So, Mu Ai hated Gu Qing Yu.

She hadn’t thought much of Gu Qing Yu at first and didn’t even care to bother with a girl from a small family, but now she found out that this girl had not only ruined her love life, but also her path to becoming a disciple. Gu Qing Yu was now a needle in her heart and she wouldn’t be happy until she pulled it out!
But right now Mu Ai really wanted to push the door in and give Duan Xing Yuan a hard slap.

But, she tried to calm herself down. She knew very well that for two large families, breaking off a marriage wasn’t a trivial matter. Besides, when her mother had married her father, hadn’t he been in love with someone else? But in the end, her mother had used every trick in the book to make him realise that by staying with the woman he loved, he would lose everything and that she was the only one who could bring him so much more…..

And now, wasn’t her dad still firmly in her mother’s grasp?

The most important thing was…..

Even if she hated Duan Xing Yuan at the moment, she had to admit that among the unmarried men of the right age in the entire imperial capital, there was indeed no one better than him…

Moreover, Duan Xing Yuan was someone that Sir valued, and even though the Mu family had reached the pinnacle of power and status because of Sir, they were actually being vigilant in these times that there was peace in case of any danger because although Sir was a member of their family, after the death of the old man, he hardly ever returned to the Mu family…..

And although her eldest uncle was the head of the Mu family and Sir’s elder brother, even he had been trying to get closer to Sir so with her marriage to Duan Xing Yuan, it was highly likely that she would become as important to Sir as Duan Xing Yuan was to him and he might use her in the future. Moreover during this time, her eldest uncle had become more amiable to her family than before….

So there was no way she could let this relationship be destroyed.

Weighing the pros and cons, Mu Ai finally held back the anger in her heart.

She also hated Duan Xing Yuan, but she knew very well that she couldn’t act against him nor could she break up the marriage between the two families.

So, she could only vent all her anger on Gu Qing Yu!

Mu Ai left the private box, returned to her car, coldly made a phone call.

Hanging up, she sneered.

“Gu Qing Yu, you stole my master and now you’ve stolen my man?! Then I’ll let you be unable to paint again, see if Master Bai will choose a you who can’t paint or me!”

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7 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Hey, she’s even recognizing that the guy is at fault, but has a logical and reasonable reason to not go after him! She’s still an idiot for going after GQY, but this logic is already worlds above the low, low bar I have for villains in Chinese novels.

  2. Okay first why do all of these people always bite there lips is there no other way to express their frustration. Secondly of course don’t blame the guy turn your anger to the girl because that is easier right. Idiots

    1. yeah frustration as an emotion is so versitale! you could write so many ways to show that. but novel just use lip biting and porcelain breaking. it’s so boring.

  3. Wait a minute… “stole my man”? But… but, that Duan man was Gu Qing Yu’s fianceé first! And, Mu Ai, you yourselves said that “you picked up the man that Gu Qing Yu didn’t want”, so why did you say that “she stole your man”? Gu Qing Yu never stole anyone’s man, she threw him aside and you the beggar who picked him up.

  4. I could never understand the logic of girl like Mu Ai 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ you clearly know it’s him that can’t let go…..then take your anger out on him! Why are you taking your anger out on the girl that clearly does not want him back???!!!

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