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Chapter 138 To find Zhuang Zi Yi to collaborate with.

The people in the entertainment circle changed their minds about Zhuang Zi Yi being just a young master entering the entertainment circle for fun, and also changed their minds about his abilities, with some even saying jokingly when they met Father Zhuang that they would definitely invest in Zhuang Zi Yi’s films next time.

Father Zhuang had originally felt that his son wasn’t doing anything proper, but since he already had his eldest son in the company, he didn’t bother and just gave his youngest son money to play with, as the Zhuang family wasn’t short of money anyway. Unexpectedly, his youngest son’s playing around actually turned into a real success that even his friends had heard of it.

In a very happy mood, Father Zhuang became even more supportive of his youngest son’s career. Zhuang Zi Yi was in an extremely good mood lately, because he finally felt that he could lift his head in front of the elders who used to treat him as a child and didn’t think highly of him. He even held a celebration party and invited Gu Qing Yu, who had only helped him paint a few paintings, to come over.

As was her custom, Gu Qing Yu didn’t normally attend such events, but today she came over for other purposes.

To find Zhuang Zi Yi to collaborate with.

She had just finished watching his film, and as the netizens had commented, it was in no way inferior to foreign animated films, and would eventually do no less at the box office.

However, it was a little weaker than her films based on some of the stories of her planet.

If Zhuang Zi Yi’s film could be a hit, so could hers.

After dealing with Mu Ai, Gu Qing Yu went back and completed her film in ten days, before she was a little satisfied with it, after all, compared to most of the animated films on earth, her [Star] would simply crush everyone else’s on the field.

But while she could finish the film on her own and do a good job of promoting it, she couldn’t do the kind of scheduling that he had done for the [Little Green Dragon].

So, it was necessary to find someone to help.

And Zhuang Zi Yi was the best person to do that.

“You made a film yourself?”

Zhuang Zi Yi was a bit incredulous after hearing this. It had only been a month since he had seen her at the exhibition and asked her to paint the background of his film. At that time she wasn’t even familiar with animated films and had to read a lot of information they provided before doing so. Moreover at that time she was obviously an outsider who only knew about painting, yet in such a short period of time, she said she had produced an animation film?

No wonder Zhuang Zi Yi didn’t dare to believe it.

He frowned. Could it be that this junior sister had seen that his film was doing well at the box office and thought that making animated films was easy money, so she was desperate for success?

Zhuang Zi Yi’s impression of Gu Qing Yu suddenly worsened somewhat, but despite this, out of his love for her paintings, he said gently, “Junior sister, animated movies are different from paintings and ordinary cartoons, they can’t be produced casually… Look, the reason why my film was released quickly is because when I approached you, the film was already completed and was already in the process of being scheduled for release. It’s just that I wasn’t satisfied with the background when I reviewed it and happened to see your painting, so I got the idea of asking you to help….”

The production cycle for his film was also more than half a year, and a good film, even if it was animated, couldn’t be produced and finished in just a month.

His implication was that she was too ambitious.

Gu Qing Yu thought for a moment, then said, “Have you seen the animation that was on the hot search the other day? The one called ‘Fei Fei’s Adventures’.”

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