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Chapter 173 Come out, I’m at the door

Three days? No need, thirty minutes was enough.

Gu Qing Yu sat in front of her smart brain and quickly tinkered with the software she had created, using it on the clip, and like magic, the green screen in the thirty second video turned into a stunning image…

She calmly sipped her water and thought for a moment. En, thirty minutes was too much of a stretch, but she guessed that the people at LILA would probably be stunned if she sent it over to now, so she’d better wait for three days later.

Gu Qing Yu stood up unhurriedly but frowned when she heard the noise from the renovation going on upstairs…

Hmm, she’d better find a house as soon as possible. This one was a rental and not suitable for her now.

With nearly a billion dollars, buying a house now was as easy as buying groceries for Gu Qing Yu, so she didn’t hesitate to pack up and leave the house. Knowing she was going out, Mu Yi had long prepared the car and was waiting for her downstairs.

The most suitable neighborhood she had quickly identified using Fei Fei’s search earlier on was a very privacy conscious villa area nearby, where all the villas were spaced apart a fair distance and it wasn’t particularly far from the University of Fine Arts. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Although she wanted to open her own lab, Gu Qing Yu was straight away going to buy a villa to do it in. She didn’t need anyone else to enter her lab anyway, just she herself was enough and it didn’t need to be too big and with the beautiful scenery there, it couldn’t be more suitable.

Mu Yi drove to the Fairview Garden, a place where basically all the houses had actually been sold, after all, it was a community that had been built a few years ago, but this was more in line with Gu Qing Yu’s preference, as she just wanted to buy it and live in it straight away.

She had no intention of owing anyone a favour, so this time she went straight to the agents with the intention of asking them to find out for her if there were any tenants in Fairview Garden who wanted to sell their home. She had originally not held much hope, but to her surprise, there was someone who actually wanted to do just that. The price mentioned by the other party wasn’t too high, it was just about the same as the market price, but to buy it, it would cost hundreds of millions of yuan. No wonder it was the most expensive neighborhood in S City.

Now that Gu Qing Yu had money, she didn’t care about this amount of money, so she signed the contract right away and moved in the next day.

Just after she finished packing, she received a call from Mu Xuan Qing.

“Come out, I’m at the door.”

Having been two months since she last saw him, Gu Qing Yu’s eyes widened then she sprinted towards the door where she saw the familiar figure standing there. Mu Xuan Qing raised his head when he heard her open the door, his gaze actually burning brighter than the streetlight next to him.

Without hesitation, Gu Qing Yu pounced over and hugged him with a smile, “Sir~ Long time no see!”

The knot in Mu Xuan Qing’s throat rolled and his fists tightened, yet because he was afraid that she would slip off of him, he hugged her.

“Long time no see…”

His voice was a little husky, and there seemed to be something else different about it.

Gu Qing Yu thought about that for a moment then looked up at him, “Strange… you…”

Wrinkling her nose, she sniffed in the air and scented the sweet smell of blood that made her blood boil a little…

Her body was excited, but she was a little upset.

Pushing him away, she got off of him and stood fixed in place in front of him as she stared at the normal looking Mu Xuan Qing, “You, you’re hurt?”

She felt it. Tonight, he seemed to be weak like never before, just like…

When they first met.

She examined him up and down, as if trying to find his wounds.

She clearly wanted his blood, but at this moment she, who obviously felt his weakness and sensed his abnormality, made no other move at all. Instead, she looked at him worriedly.

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