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Chapter 277 She’s…. Gu Qing Yu, right? I seem to remember her….

Innovation in technology had led to a revolution in the industry and Gu Qing Yu, the person who came up with the holographic technology had naturally made a fortune.

Money was slowly becoming a number to Gu Qing Yu and she didn’t even do things herself anymore. She usually just came up with a technology, started a revolution in a certain industry and profited handsomely. What’s more, there were policies supporting all this, after all, who didn’t want to see their country thriving in every industry, crushing foreign countries?

In addition, Gu Qing Yu kept a low profile, and despite the fact that she contributed so much technology, some of which were even developed in collaboration with Mu Xuan Qing and then handed over to the state for use in certain specific areas only, she never showed her face and basically no one knew that she had done it, which was a habit very similar to Mu Xuan Qing’s.

Moreover, because they had so much money, they were also very charitable and within a few years, various projects supported by their money had sprung up all over C Country. You could see them running nursing homes, orphanages, schools and many free law firms and shelters, providing protection for the underprivileged who suffered from domestic violence and other things. Gu Qing Yu had also set up various scholarships in the fine arts, in technical fields, and for those who were simply good at their studies, and if they had the ability in a certain area, she provided them with an incredibly fair platform, giving them the opportunity to prove themselves. With her support, various research institutes and companies blossomed.

The people of C Country only felt that in the past few years, it seemed that all industries had developed extremely well, everyone’s life had improved significantly, many new professions had emerged as a result of changes in industries and many people had even been hired to spread these skills abroad with high salaries because they were at the top of these industries in C Country. Those who had the ability had the opportunity to change their lives even if they didn’t have money by winning various competitions and there was a voice for the underprivileged. People also discovered that society was becoming more stable and that there was less crime.

It wasn’t that fewer people were committing crimes, but that many of those people’s lives had changed, hence they were committing fewer crimes, while those who were still committing crimes found that they were much more likely to be caught, and all this was thanks to the technology provided by Gu Qing Yu.

Most importantly, new technological breakthroughs had been made in the field of spaceflight and C Country was slowly building stable spaceships capable of traveling in space that had only been seen in movies.

And in all this, almost no one knew that Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing were behind it and they didn’t care.

Until one day, when Gu Qing Yu and Shen Jianian, a patriotic C Country citizen who had been in the limelight recently got off the same flight and were photographed together looking somewhat intimate and she was once again in the news.

“She’s…. Gu Qing Yu, right? I seem to remember her….”

“Gu Qing Yu, the daughter of the richest man in S City who was a big hit a few years ago? So many years have passed yet she’s still so beautiful….. I feel as if she has never aged. I have already graduated from university, gotten married and have now become a mother.”

“That’s not the point. The point is, isn’t the person next to her that patriotic C Country’s Shen Jianian who was recently praised by the official media?”

“And here I was thinking why we haven’t heard anything of her since the Gu family went bankrupt. It turns out she’s bagged a rich tycoon…. Shen Jianian is old enough to be her father, right?”


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