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Chapter 246 This, was the best revenge

Unfortunately, although his energy reserves were very large, his experiments were always a failure, and some of the people he took with Mu Xuan Qing for experiments died because they were too weak, with some going crazy after witnessing what happened. In the end these people left together with Mu Xuan Qing, but they were still physically and mentally affected…

Among the group, there were a few who grew to be as powerful as Mu Xuan Qing, but none of them survived more than a month. The man assumed that Mu Xuan Qing would also die, so he left him alone and in later years found that the Mu family was indeed without him.

It was only later that he found out that Mu Xuan Qing hadn’t died, and that he had survived for years!

It was only then that the man was surprised, he had been sending people to spy on and repeatedly try to attack Mu Xuan Qing all these years, just to find out from him the secret of his survival, so that he could use it on others.

But Mu Xuan Qing was so vigilant that even though he had wounded him several times, he was still unable to figure out why, and that was because he didn’t want Mu Xuan Qing to die; otherwise, with his power, Mu Xuan Qing would have died many times before.

If he had known this day would come, he would have killed Mu Xuan Qing when he found out he was still alive!

The man thought with hatred, but he had no power to resist now.

The special forces brought by Mu Xuan Qing tied the man up and took him away. Once outside the building, the man thought he would have a chance, after all, they could only block the energy fluctuations indoors, not outdoors, and he didn’t resist so fiercely just then because he thought they would need to take him out, even if they used this equipment all the way, there was always an opportunity. …

But he didn’t expect that even though the people who brought him out didn’t use any special means on him, he really didn’t feel any energy fluctuations like he had just felt before!

The man panicked at once.

Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing’s group also came out. Seeing his panic, Gu Qing Yu smiled, “You’ve probably been away from home for too long to recognize me. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Gu Qing Yu, a scientist. What you have on you… I developed it, and it will remain trapped in you for as long as you live. I just don’t know… whether the energy in you will last until you die. Hmm, I’m guessing you’ll live for a long time!”

Long enough that he had no chance at all of turning back into an energy body before his energy run out!

The man squirmed incredulously. Rather than disappear like that, he would rather die with Gu Qing Yu now!!!

Mu Xuan Qing stepped forward and spoke to the man’s captor, “Don’t let him die.”

“Sir don’t worry, no matter what he says or does, we won’t let go of him.” What’s more, their country’s lab was waiting for him!

This terrible and dangerous man would live in their lab for the rest of his life, experiencing the same pain Sir felt back then!

This, was the best revenge.

As the dust had settled, Mu Xuan Qing looked at Gu Qing Yu and sighed, “You… You’re too disobedient.”

This time he had finally lured this man to C Country, having prepared for everything, and with the special rope she had secretly provided him with and the energy isolation device their country’s lab had developed, he already had an 80 to 90 percent chance of capturing him.

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