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Chapter 263 She, was really alive?

Mu Xuan Qing just watched her, indulging her in all that she did. He saw her actions, but he even felt that it was because he had missed her so much that he was having such beautiful dreams….

It was so good, so good that he didn’t want to wake up.

All the way to the next day.

Opening his eyes, Mu Xuan Qing instantly felt better. The restless energy in his body had calmed down, just as it had every time she healed him, and this time, he was even more comfortable than before, more relaxed…

He looked at Gu Qing Yu in his arms with a surreal feeling.

What happened last night was too real, but he had waited for over a month, so long that he had almost given up and so simply couldn’t believe that when she really came back to him, she had come back, still in a state of disbelief….

However the person in his arms was again so real, so soft, and her temperature was that of a normal human being and no longer cold and stiff like a corpse.

Moreover last night, because he felt as if he was dreaming, he had even gone along with her out of the ice coffin and now they were lying on the soft carpet, the ice coffin long since empty.

And her body was in perfect condition. If she had been really dead, she would have become even stiffer, maybe even had corpse spots or something after leaving the ice coffin, but she wasn’t and didn’t have them. She was breathing evenly in his arms at the moment as if she were alive, and even as he gathered the courage to touch her carefully, her brows furrowed, her hand waving in mid-air as if she was shooing a fly. Mu Xuan Qing caught it.

It was small, flexible, soft….

Her hand, was still just as he remembered it.

And no longer as cold, stiff and without a trace of life as he had felt for the past month or so….

She, was really alive?

Mu Xuan Qing looked at her with his eyes wide open until Gu Qing Yu opened hers….

As soon as she saw him, Gu Qing Yu thought of something, then reached out and pinched him hard around the waist!

D*mn it. He clearly thought that it was an illusion, yet he was so hard on her in the illusion. She almost thought she was going to die again, this guy really…. deserved to be beaten!


But Mu Xuan Qing didn’t even raise an eyebrow, as if it didn’t hurt at all.

Stretching her foot, Gu Qing Yu kicked him hard, “You stink, go and take a shower!”

She had bitten him, pinched him and kicked him….

Everything was so real, so real that Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes became a little hot.

He stared at her in a daze, “No.”

“No?!” Gu Qing Yu’s eyes widened in anger, “You haven’t showered in days, go shower! And what’s with that hair? It’s so long and don’t you know to shave? Do you know that you look like a caveman…. No, if you don’t go take a shower, don’t even think about touching me! Stay away from me…”

Saying this, she tried to push him away, but where was Mu Xuan Qing willing to be pushed away by her?

He hugged her, holding her tightly, as he panicked, afraid that she really wouldn’t let him stay with her because she thought he wouldn’t take a shower, however he didn’t dare leave. He was afraid that if he left, she would go back to her previous motionless form, afraid that it was all just a dream, that if he went to take a shower and came back, she would disappear again….

“You… come with me.”

After a long time, he opened his mouth to say.

And Gu Qing Yu’s face twisted, unable to believe what she was hearing.

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