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Chapter 215 You’re a bad person!

Mu Xuan Qing even regretted, that the last time…

He hadn’t savoured her sooner.

She… was really sweet, and for the first time he felt such a lust for someone that he didn’t even, at all, want to leave her anymore.

Carefully taking out his cell phone, he sent a message to Chen Ran, who was waiting at the entrance of the Gu Mansion – after all, Sir never allowed anything to disrupt his plans, and this time the issue at hand wasn’t urgent but important enough for him to wait.

Given Sir’s nature, even if he stayed overnight at the Gu Mansion, he would leave early the next day. He had been waiting since 5am and was surprised that Sir hadn’t come out at 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 7 a.m., or 8 a.m….

It looks like Sir was going to finish his breakfast with Miss Gu before leaving?

So Chen Ran also didn’t bother Mu Xuan Qing and continued to wait.

To his surprise, it took until nine o’clock for a message to come through from Sir telling him to put the issue for the day off??

Chen Ran did as he was told, albeit with some confusion, and then waited for him with mixed feelings. Could it be that Sir…

Chen Ran’s eyes lit up as he thought to himself.

This was a good thing!!

When Gu Qing Yu woke up, it was already noon.

As soon as she moved, a wave of pain and tenderness spread throughout her body, nearly bringing tears to her eyes.

Thinking back to last night’s events, Gu Qing Yu was incomparably resentful.

She had never expected that the difference in human male and female bodies was due to this; after arriving on Earth, she had only been interested in Earth’s plants and hadn’t studied animals much. Furthermore, the original owner’s memories contained no such memories, so she had never given serious thought to how humans reproduced the next generation.

But she had never expected that it would be like this!

In the beginning, Sir, although uncomfortable from holding back, was very gentle with her, even coaxing her and getting her interested carefully, so that at first, she even thought it was just a fun game and found it amusing, even following his lead and volunteering to do many things that were extremely shameful now that she thought about it…

But at the start of last night, at least, she had found it very interesting, if the things that had happened afterwards hadn’t changed all of a sudden.

She had forgotten that her body was overly sensitive. It wasn’t just extremely sensitive to pain, it was also ticklish, and caused her to feel other sensations very keenly…

So, although what had happened later didn’t hurt, she was simply too uncomfortable.

However, as soon as she tried to refuse, seeing his expression that showed that he was even more uncomfortable than she was, she couldn’t refuse, and even thought, he was her food now, and had provided her with so much energy, so what was a little discomfort for her?

But little did she know that it would hurt so much later, so much that she almost thought she was going to die, and at one point she even thought her soul would be knocked out of her…

Although this pain was accompanied by other sensations that were comfortingly alien, more than that, it still hurt, and she had cried and tried to push him away, only to discover that she could no longer refuse even if she wanted to.

Moreover, she had always felt that her Sir was a very gentle man, that he doted on her very much and had never refused any of her requests, but last night, although he had also been coaxing her, very patiently and gently, he hadn’t listened to her at all, causing her to break down.

Gu Qing Yu now felt that last night was the only thing that was deeply engraved inside her bones after everything that had happened since she arrived on Earth. She could hardly even sit up now, every inch of her body reawakened with the memory of yesterday…


As Gu Qing Yu moved, the soreness and weakness in her back immediately brought tears to her eyes instantly.

Her eyes red, she accused, “You’re a bad person!!!”

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