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Chapter 58 What did you call me?

Gu Qing Yu laughed lightly in mockery.

She had been out of his house for more than forty minutes and if it hadn’t been for Mu Xuan Qing, her feet would have been worn out by now as she walked woefully outside the gate of their neighborhood and in this weather, she might not have been able to even get a car, because there was no visible person or car in that neighborhood.

He hadn’t thought of her until now?

Fei Fei had spied during her earlier visit to the Duan family’s house.

However, the marriage contract between them was still in place and there was still a need for closure, so she answered the call.

“Qing Yu, where are you?”

Duan Xing Yuan’s voice was a little anxious. He had seen the family’s driver after coming out after talking with his grandfather, only to find that the family’s driver hadn’t sent Gu Qing Yu to the hotel, ah, no, they probably didn’t even booked a hotel for her, after all, she had been brought here by his grandfather’s people right after she stepped off the plane today….

Duan Xing Yuan looked at the pile of gifts in the corner of the living room that hadn’t even been moved, his mood a bit heavy.

She had prepared all these gifts carefully, right…

Yet his grandfather invited her over and said all those things to her…

No wonder she also said those words to his grandfather cold-heartedly…

He took a deep breath, “Qing Yu I’m sorry, I didn’t know that grandpa had done such a thing….. tell me where you are and I’ll come to you.”

Didn’t know? He was really good at playing innocent…

Although it might be true that Duan Xing Yuan was unaware that Elder Duan had sent someone to invite her over in the beginning, wasn’t he in the other room just a wall away at that time, listening to Elder Duan talking? What was he pretending for now?

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes went cold, “There’s no need.”

She continued, “Duan Xing Yuan, the marriage contract between the two of us is broken. From today onwards, the two of us no longer have any relationship.”

“Qing Yu, listen to me, Grandpa didn’t mean…”

Duan Xing Yuan was anxious, no longer have any relationship? No, he wouldn’t accept that! He had been chasing after her for several years and even dated her for two years, and now she was saying just like that that there was no longer any relationship, how could he possibly accept that?

Even if he couldn’t be her fiancé, even if they couldn’t get married in the future, they were still boyfriend and girlfriend, or at least they should be good friends, how could there be no relationship!

“That doesn’t even concern me anymore.”

Gu Qing Yu hung up without hesitation, then seeing Mu Xuan Qing who appeared at some point, the disgust in her eyes disappeared instantly. She looked at him with bright eyes, took a step forward, and stared at him without taking her eyes off:

“Mu Xuan Qing, what are you doing, do you need my help?”

Mu Xuan Qing raised his eyebrows, “What did you call me?”

“Mu Xuan Qing, isn’t that your name? Or, do you think it sounds too unfamiliar? That’s right, I’m your person now, so naturally I should call you more intimately, I’ll just call you Xuan Qing!”

She smiled, having made her decision, “Xuan Qing, hello, I’m Qing Yu, Gu Qing Yu.”


Mu Xuan Qing stared at her. Apart from his grandfather and mother, no one had really dared to call him by his name…

Almost everyone called him ‘Sir’, or, ‘Mr. Mu’ now…

“Xuan Qing, Xuan Qing….. your name is so beautiful.” She smiled sweetly.

Her voice was also sweet when she called him by name, and even the name he thought was a code name became somewhat special.

Mu Xuan Qing pursed his lips, pressed her to the sofa, took the medical kit out and began treating her wound.

Gu Qing Yu was a little taken aback. She had long forgotten about her foot injury; not that it didn’t hurt anymore, but that this discomfort was just a minor inconvenience to her; it would go away the next day, hence she didn’t give it much thought.

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