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Chapter 86 A bad premonition

But everyone knew that Sir was from the Mu family and since they couldn’t flatter him and didn’t have much chance to meet him, they settled for the second best– giving the Mu family a lot of favours.

This tactic worked, as Sir remembered all those who were good to the Mu family, and didn’t mind helping out when he could.

So at the moment, Mu Ai only thought that Mu Xuan Qing looked familiar, as Mu Xuan Qing disappeared when Mu Ai was only five or six years old, and the Mu family usually selected the next head of the family through a fair process, hence she didn’t live in the old house, but in the city with her parents, only going back to the old house to visit during the New Year holidays…. therefore Mu Ai naturally didn’t recognise Mu Xuan Qing.

She stared at him then breathed a sigh of relief.

It was good that Bai Xiuqi was really looking for someone, as long as he wasn’t here for Gu Qing Yu’s painting…..

However in the next moment, Mu Ai noticed that the man was standing right in front of Gu Qing Yu’s painting, and after chatting with Bai Xiuqi, he actually looked at the painting, causing Bai Xiuqi to also look at the painting as well!

A chill ran through her heart.

She had a bad premonition…..

And that bad premonition came true.

Bai Xiuqi had had no intention of looking at the painting, because he had indeed come to see a student he hadn’t seen in years.

Bai Xiuqi had very mixed feelings about Mu Xuan Qing whom he had admired him since he was young. Mu Xuan Qing came from a very good background and it was rare that he had the patience to learn to paint with him, moreover he painted very well, some of his works he even thought were out of his league, but it all ended when he was ten years old.

Mu Xuan Qing disappeared by accident and although he came back a few years later, he had changed a lot by then. He hardly smiled anymore, he became silent, didn’t want to make friends and avoided everyone he knew, even his family…..

He began to do many other things, all of which he did extremely well, even to the point of being terrifying, but he stopped painting.

Bai Xiuqi could understand, but every time he thought of Mu Xuan Qing, he still it was felt pity.

Although Mu Xuan Qing seldom met with him these years, he had never stopped giving him gifts on New Year’s Day, sometimes even famous paintings worth six or seven figures.

Bai Xiuqi originally thought that Mu Xuan Qing would never care about paintings again in his life, but unexpectedly, this time, he asked to meet him at the Angel Cup finalists’ exhibition hall where he was a judge, and even came to the oil painting section, which he hadn’t been involved in before.

“What painting is it that you are so interested in that you came all the way here?”

Bai Xiuqi was really curious. After all, over the past ten years, Mu Xuan Qing had been too low-key, he hated crowded places, and even reserved a lot of places he went to directly just because he didn’t want to come into contact with too many people.

Unexpectedly he was here in the exhibition hall with so many people this time.

As Mu Xuan Qing looked at Gu Qing Yu’s painting, Bai Xiuqi followed his line of sight, looking over as well, then he was fascinated….

“What a good painting, what a good painting….”

Bai Xiuqi moved a little, “Let me see… the author is…. S University School of Fine Arts, Gu Qing Yu….”

He nodded repeatedly, his eyes were glowing, “I didn’t expect that the art school of S University could produce such a talent…. and she’s still a student. She’s so talented, how come she’s in the art school of S University and not in the Imperial Art School?”

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  1. Wonder if the thot will make a move. Not sure why the paintings aren’t sealed in a plastic case and require supervision to look at. After all someone already attempted to ruin them

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