Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 214 He ‘helped’ them out

Little did Gu Wen Qiang know that one of his best friends, whom he had heard from earlier would, after a long hesitation, say something to him that he couldn’t have imagined after learning that Mu Xuan Qing was his daughter’s boyfriend.

Mu Xuan Qing was so powerful that the Mu family had reached its current status mainly because of this incomparably low-profile Mu Xuan Qing? Moreover, even the ones who often appeared on the news admired him so much that they didn’t dare underestimate him and treated him as their equal.

Furthermore, while Mu Xuan Qing’s industries didn’t have their own individual companies like Mu Xuan Lin and Mu Xuan Yang’s, they did consist of a variety of advanced technologies, the most recent of which had triggered changes in various industries such as technology and medicine. Some of the most cutting-edge technologies, including those used in space exploration, were surprisingly developed in Mu Xuan Qing’s research labs.

Mu Xuan Qing was said to be physically strong enough to take on ten men at once, and he had all such capable men at his disposal. There were even rumors that Mu Xuan Qing was once involved in something very dangerous, but that he had completely destroyed the opposing side and was left unharmed, leading some to wonder if he was some kind of r*former…

All these wasn’t important. What was important was that Gu Wen Qiang began to realize that his daughter’s boyfriend was a big shot who even Duan Xing Yuan’s arrogant grandfather, who didn’t like the Gu family, had to respect!

He had said it. Duan Xing Yuan was obviously so devoted to his daughter, how come he had suddenly stopped contacting her? Now it seems it wasn’t that he didn’t want to contact her, it was that he simply didn’t dare contact her ……

Because, someone more powerful liked his daughter.

Gu Wen Qiang was incomparably excited.

What little Gu Group’s shares? Mu Xuan Qing simply didn’t attach any importance to it. Even the name above the shares was only the name of one of his subordinates….. From this one could well imagine, just how frightening Mu Xuan Qing’s wealth was.

How could Gu Wen Qiang not be tempted by this?

He suddenly began to worry. If this man was just playing around and abandoned Gu Qing Yu when he got tired of her, then wouldn’t their Gu family get nothing?

That wouldn’t do. He had to take advantage of such a great opportunity!

So, he ‘helped’ them out.

Gu Qing Yu hadn’t been living at home during this time, so she didn’t know that he had secretly installed pinhole cameras in various rooms…

Of course, the thought he had harbored at that time was that he wanted to see if Gu Qing Yu had lied to him, that maybe Duan Xing Yuan had actually contacted her…. he never thought that it would now serve another purpose…

This Sir Mu would definitely not want him to expose this video….. so he had to be responsible for his daughter by becoming his son-in-law. This way, would he still need to worry about anything in the future? It would be better if his daughter gave birth to a son for Mu Xuan Qing sooner. Then, even if they separated in the future, their Gu family would always be linked to the Mu family ……

Gu Wen Qiang was just thinking about this but didn’t expect that the screen in front of him would suddenly flicker and then in the next second, all the images he had just recorded would disappear?!

His eyes widened, a little dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Was there an issue with the network? Or was it a camera malfunction? But he had purchased his cameras from a professional, and the other party had guaranteed that ordinary people would absolutely be unable to locate it….

Naturally, Gu Wen Qiang didn’t know that Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing weren’t ordinary people.

Early the next morning.

Mu Xuan Qing woke up with a great deal of satiety, hugged Gu Qing Yu in his arms who had cried herself to sleep last night and kissed her on the cheek.

He hadn’t expected it to be so soon….

However, because it was so satisfying, he didn’t regret it at all.

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  1. Oh my so he watched as his daughter had a sex with someone else ? What a disgusting fella

  2. Uh, that was over fast. Not sure I like the “cried herself to sleep” part, though.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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