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Chapter 123 It’s so shocking!

Was this… the type of quality that a small children’s animation should have?

The review guy’s eyes widened, feeling that what little vestiges of sleep that was over him was all but shaken away.

He sat up straight, his hand not moving as he clicked the mouse, staring at the screen with rapt attention as he felt his blood boil a little.

Was this animation? This was the kind of effect only a movie should have, right? This majestic momentum, this beautiful scene, this stunning picture effect… how shocking would this be if it was in a movie theater!

This was the first time he had the feeling that their website wasn’t worthy of this production. He was so excited that his blood boiled and after watching it once, he couldn’t help but pull back the progress bar and watch it again.

“Qiang Ge, it’s already late, why aren’t you leaving?”

His colleague beside him yawned as he finished packing up, patting him on the shoulder, but the review guy didn’t even look at him as he muttered: “Don’t bother me…”

His colleague raised his eyebrows, a little surprised, “What are you watching? You’re not secretly watching a yellow little movie, are you? He he he…”

His colleague smiled lewdly and moved forward, planning to watch it with him but the moment he started, he was also stunned.

The two of them watched it several times, staying in their positions until their other colleagues who had come for their shifts arrived.

“Huh? You two, what’s going on? Don’t you usually just run away as soon as we arrive and don’t even bother to stay a minute longer? Why are you still here now? Is the president of the company coming over to give out red packets today?”

Because it was only at times like this that they would be reluctant to leave.

“No. Lin Ge, come and take a look, this movie… ah, no, it’s this animation… it’s so shocking! I think we need to give it a strong push on the front page!!”

When the other review guys saw something good, they would sometimes pick some animation videos out and ask these two to recommend them, but then they would be pushed back by these two people who grew up watching animation and were so picky about it, so it wasn’t so often that these two otakus who grew up watching animation and were very critical of them were so excited to recommend something at the same time.

Something that was able to unite their aesthetics…..

What kind of work was it?

Lin Ge was also curious, however once he started watching it, he was also fascinated. So, half an hour later, he decided to recommend this animation on the front page!

Little did Gu Qing Yu know, that her work had caused a commotion as soon as it was released on K Station. After it was recommended on the front page, the number of hits broke a million in less than an hour, and when Gu Qing Yu woke up after catching up on her sleep, her ‘Fei Fei’s Adventures’ had already reached number one on the animation charts, with more than 5 million plays and more than 100,000 shares on other websites!

This was an almost impossible figure!

Although K Station was one of the top video sites in China, it wasn’t a mainstream video site as there weren’t many dramas and movies on their platform, mainly animation and various original videos so usually a play count of over one million was a good figure.

Although the website gave it a good position on the front page, the main reason for such a miracle was because of the excellent quality of Gu Qing Yu’s work, as evidenced by the heaps of spontaneous shares from viewers.

Clicking on Weibo, it could be seen that ‘Fei Fei’s Adventures’ had surprisingly gone straight to the top of the hot search, generating a huge amount of attention.

“It’s simply stunning! This is a real intergalactic animation movie! I’m used to watching children’s animation, but….”

“Upstairs, it’s not a movie, it’s only 10 minutes long…”

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