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Chapter 55 How should I compensate you?

“Where to?”

Mu Xuan Qing asked as the car drove away from the Duan family’s neighborhood.

Gu Qing Yu swallowed unconsciously as she felt the sweet scent of the energy that belonged to his body…..

Today he….

Didn’t have any injuries, right?

Too bad she couldn’t drink his blood…

Then, Mu Xuan Qing only watched as she stared at him like a hungry little beast, swallowing…

After a long silence, he opened his mouth, “If you don’t talk, you’ll be thrown out.”


Gu Qing Yu looked up at him anxiously, “I’m your saviour, I’m homeless now, you have to help me!”

She was bold, after drinking so much of his blood….

However she was the only one who didn’t die after drinking his blood, moreover he couldn’t even get her out of his mind…

Everyone else, were already corpses.

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyes, staring at her thoughtfully. After a short while, he reached out quietly and plucked a strand of her hair.

Chen Ran, who saw this scene in the rear-view mirror blinked, trying to reduce his sense of existence.

Why was Sir plucking Miss Gu’s hair? Could it be that Miss Gu was Sir’s illegitimate….. ah, that was unlikely; Sir was very young, he couldn’t possibly have a daughter as old as Miss Gu. Then, could it be that she was his illegitimate sister?

Seeming to notice his gaze, Mu Xuan Qing put the hair in his pocket and narrowed his eyes at Chen Ran who swallowed, his body stiffening. He looked away immediately, staring straight ahead, not daring to look behind him again.

Gu Qing Yu actually noticed Mu Xuan Qing’s strange movements.

Actually, his movements were so light that if it had been an ordinary person, they might not have even noticed it.

But she was different. She was so sensitive, so sensitive that if even a strand of hair was pulled out, it would hurt.

She stared at him for a long moment, before she opened her mouth, “You have to compensate me for pulling my hair out.”


And, she was actually aware of what he had done? Had his skills regressed to this level?

Mu Xuan Qing was silent for a long time, before “How should I compensate you?”

Gu Qing Yu didn’t have the slightest intention of taking her hair back, nor was she even angry. She looked at him with a smile and said, “You have to let me take a bite.”
Now that he was healed, she would have to think of other ways to test why he could provide her with so much energy.

Moreover, he was probably a giant source of energy to her, as she felt incredibly comfortable even just being around him, which she loved.

The people of her planet lived by absorbing energy, so he was like a huge, delicious piece of cake to her, so tempting that she wanted to… take a bite!


Chen Ran in the front almost choked on his saliva.

More alarmingly, Sir nodded after a few seconds of silence.


Mu Xuan Qing’s throat rolled, “Where do you want to bite?”


After receiving explicit permission, Gu Qing Yu leaned down without hesitation, biting Mu Xuan Qing’s neck!

Her body remembered how sweet his blood was, moreover the veins there were so evident….

She eyed his neck as if it were the most delectable part of a dish.

Mu Xuan Qing stiffened, feeling her teeth nibble at his neck gently. There was a slight tingling sensation, but it wasn’t strong enough to penetrate through to his flesh.

She seemed unwilling to move on from that spot as she stuck her tongue out, licking it.

The softness of her tongue, like a small animal, made him shudder momentarily, his eyes becoming darker and darker as he stared at her…

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