Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 35 Succeeded in whitewashing herself

She didn’t hesitate to upload the video that she took at the cafe today online anonymously and repeating her old trick again, directly made the video rank first in the hot search list!

The Weibo programmers were devastated. Although they felt like they had been attacked last time, Gu Qing Yu’s Weibo post was indeed only popular for less than ten minutes, making them even feel that it was just their illusion.

But this time they were really sure that they had been hacked. The first hot search should have been the relationship of a certain celebrity who had already signed a contract with them. Instead, the video of Lin Han Jiao and Gu Qing Chen was on the hot search for an hour and no matter what they did, they couldn’t take it down.

Moreover, because the video was so topical, it caused a heated discussion and by the time they regained control of the backend an hour later, the hot search data had reached a level that they couldn’t suppress.

The celebrity’s studio that had spent money to buy the hot search called them to reschedule. There was already breaking news, so even if they exposed their news at this time, they would be robbed of the buzz they wanted, so they had no other choice but to agree.

Lin Han Jiao watched her Weibo fans go from over one million to five million in just seconds without blinking.

“Boss, people are comforting me and praising me in the comments….”

She almost cried. During this time, she had been scolded so much both online and in reality. When everyone scolded her for being ugly, no one had spoken for her, but now, after seeing her ‘infatuation’ and knowing that she had also been deceived by Gu Qing Chen, everyone began to scold Gu Qing Chen and even a few people began to pity her.

“So, Lin Han Jiao thought Shen Cheng knew about her plastic surgery and still dated her?”

“I told you, she’s just Gu Qing Chen’s tool. One of my sisters is Gu Qing Chen’s best friend. She said that Lin Han Jiao originally didn’t look so much like Gu Qing Yu, it was Gu Qing Chen who encouraged her to look more and more like Gu Qing Yu…..”

“To let someone else look like her sister who has a fiancé and then release some kind of video of the other person, tsk tsk, it’s really the heart of Sima Zhao1The heart of Sima Zhao is a Chinese idiom that means an ambition that is open for all to see.. Gu Qing Yu is really unlucky to have such a sister!”

“In that case, Lin Han Jiao is also very pitiful. She’s so infatuated with Shen Cheng and now that Shen Cheng has blacklisted her, she actually wants Gu Qing Chen to help her explain…”

“Lin Han Jiao may be ugly, but her heart isn’t as ugly as Gu Qing Chen’s! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make herself look beautiful. She paid for it with pain and a lot of money, we’re not qualified to scold her. If we want to scold someone, we should scold Gu Qing Chen who used her as a tool!”

“I heard that the Gu family wants to marry Gu Qing Chen to a rich Chinese businessman in South Africa, but that rich businessman has been divorced twice, and he is forty years old. Gu Qing Chen will only be twenty in a few months times. Someone who is old enough to be her father, no wonder she doesn’t want to.”

“Tsk, you don’t want to, but you want lure someone else into marrying on your behalf instead? If the person doesn’t want to, you can just use kidnapping?”

“Don’t you guys think Gu Qing Chen’s father is also scary? His daughter is only 19 years old, right? It’s not even the legal age for marriage in China, and although you can get married at eighteen in South Africa, that’s no reason for him to use his daughter as a marriage tool…”

“Does this even count? I heard that when Gu Qing Yu was misunderstood a while ago, her father originally planned to let her marry that uncle in South Africa, but now that it’s certain that Gu Qing Yu is innocent and Gu Qing Chen’s reputation has been ruined, he just changed the person. Sure enough, businessmen are driven by profit, they can even use family members as tools.”

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  1. I really don’t like her father and also that ex fiancé. They’re both selfish and heartless people. They only consider the face value/ worth of other people.

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