Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 31 She wants to see you, so go ahead and see her!

Gu Qing Chen trembled, guessing that her father would be firm in his decision this time, so even if her mom said anything it would be useless, because of what Duan Xing Yuan said to him…

So, she could only find someone else.

However, although there were many rich second generation kids around her, they were all from S City so naturally they weren’t any better than their Gu family and the others weren’t willing to offend the Gu family…

What should she do?

She took a deep breath then her eyes suddenly fell on Lin Han Jiao’s business card picture. Looking at the avatar, her eyes lit up…

Yes, didn’t Lin Han Jiao look exactly like Gu Qing Yu? Chen Anguo preferred her sister so he would definitely be more satisfied with Lin Han Jiao than with her!

Besides, didn’t Lin Han Jiao do plastic surgery in order to climb up the social ladder? So she was helping her by introducing her to a rich person. It had to be known that Chen Anguo was significantly wealthier than Shen Cheng!

She took a deep breath then sent her a message: “Jiao Jiao, has Shen Cheng forgiven you?”

Lin Han Jiao who had just finished a live broadcast looked at the message, raised her eyebrows then took a screenshot and sent it to Gu Qing Yu: “Boss, how should I reply?”

In just one day, Lin Han Jiao discovered that Gu Qing Yu was really packaging her. She had a professional team, the beautiful makeup she had on wasn’t done by herself and she had a very good PR team as well. At this time, although most people still scolded her on the live broadcast, the team steered the conversation away, which surprisingly made her gain more and more fans.

In just one hour of live broadcast, she earned nearly 10,000 yuan!

For the previous her, this was something she couldn’t even think about.

So now she trusted Gu Qing Yu immensely and slowly understood that Gu Qing Yu was actually trying to create an online celebrity company through her. The company was already recruiting new people these days and those newcomers were all very beautiful, many of them still natural beauties. They might even be more popular than her, the famous plastic surgery monster…

That won’t do!

She was the veteran of the company. Even if she only came just one day earlier, she had to have the best treatment and the highest position!

Therefore, she decided to follow Gu Qing Yu’s lead from now on.

Gu Qing Yu chuckled softly, “She wants to see you, so go ahead and see her!”

Lin Han Jiao was quiet for a few seconds before she heard Gu Qing Yu on the other end continue: “Don’t worry, I’ll decide the location, nothing will happen.”

Lin Han Jiao was relieved. Gu Qing Chen had visited her once that day after clearly telling Shen Cheng on WeChat that she forced her to introduce them, but in front of her, she didn’t mention it, instead asking her to coax her Shen Cheng, her words implying that: Shen Cheng was the most excellent man she could ever meet and that even if she couldn’t marry him in the future, she wouldn’t lose either.

Gu Qing Chen regarded her as a fool and Shen Cheng had blacklisted her and didn’t want to see her. If she showed up in front of him, it would be strange if he didn’t retaliate against her!

Especially after Gu Qing Chen told him that…

Therefore their meeting that day didn’t end on a happy note, but Gu Qing Chen wasn’t stupid. She sent her some of the designer items she liked in order to maintained a superficial friendship with her.


Lin Han Jiao took a deep breath, a little bit of coquettishness in her tone, “Boss, you have to protect me!”

Gu Qing Yu smiled, “Don’t worry, you’re now our company’s money tree.”

When it came to this, Lin Han Jiao felt a little guilty.

Although she was the only money-making anchor in their company, it was hardly profitable for Gu Qing Yu who was packaging her. The monthly cost of the team she prepared for her was more than 20% of her income, and she actually got 80% of the income…

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