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Chapter 144 Duan Xing Yuan was getting engaged

This was the first time someone didn’t want everything he had, but wanted to give him everything they had.

“And what about you? What do you want?” He burned inside, but he just looked at her languidly, in a relaxed manner, seemingly not caring about the answer.

“All I want is for you to be by my side all the time.” She said with a smile.


Mu Xuan Qing looked at her, the knot in his throat rolling before lowering his eyelashes for a long time….


Originally, he had wanted to avoid her, but after this attack…

He hadn’t wanted to get her involved, he hadn’t wanted to hurt her.

But now, he couldn’t let go.

He was very powerful, so powerful that he was almost invincible, and those who had been watching him for more than a decade hadn’t only not succeeded in doing anything to him, they had also lost a significant amount of money, and had only recently become a little angry, which had made them go as far as to take action in a place like this where there were many ordinary people…..

But now, the soft-looking girl in front of him, said she wanted to protect him.

Mu Xuan Qing laughed lowly and took Gu Qing Yu’s hand in his, “Then you have to remember to protect me well, don’t leave my side.”

“Of course!”

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes shone brightly, incredibly satisfied.


After Mu Ai was brought back to the Empire by the Second Lady Mu, she really recuperated quietly and did not make any trouble. The Mu family had contacts and was willing to spend money, so Mu Ai’s injury was really close to healing in less than a month, at least from the outside, one could not see how distorted the injury once was, and she still had enviable slender fingers.

But only she knew that although she could still draw, her hands weren’t as dexterous as before, and the lines she could have drawn easily before were now messy lines, just like a schoolboy’s!

She threw away her brushes in anger, tore up all the paintings in the room, and cut them into pieces with scissors.

When Second Madam Mu came in and saw this scene, she sighed, went to her and reassured her, “Xiao Ai, be patient…. take your time to rehabilitate, your hand will recover!”

Recover? At the rate she was going, when would she recover?

Her eyes were red, “Mom, I want Gu Qing Yu to die!!!”

Second Madam Mu gritted her teeth then patted her on the shoulder, “Baby, don’t worry…. you’ve won now, you’ve won that bi**h’s fiancé of three years. You’re getting engaged tomorrow and Gu Qing Yu won’t have it easy.”

Mu Ai pursed her lips, not saying anything. She didn’t want to admit that she hadn’t won Duan Xing Yuan at all, but that it was because Gu Qing Yu didn’t want him…

If she said this out loud, wouldn’t her self-esteem be hurt even more!

“Besides, mum has been having people watch that bi**h lately and has found a lot of things that can cripple her… she’ll be out of luck tomorrow when it comes out! Perhaps, Sir will also hate her because of this…”

Mu Ai grabbed her hand excitedly, “What is it?!”

Second Madam Mu’s eyes were dark as she whispered something. Mu Ai listened with resentment in her eyes, her eyes growing colder and colder…..

Duan Xing Yuan was getting engaged.

This news had sparked a lot of interest.

One was because he was the youngest of the Duan family in the Imperial City and two was because…

He was Gu Qing Yu’s ex-fiancé.

Gu Qing Yu wasn’t a public figure, but she’d ‘starred’ in a scandalous video that had attracted a lot of attention and then was inevitably mentioned in relation to Lin Hanjiao and Gu Qing Chen when the truth came out. Added to the fact that her background was already very good, after that incident many big companies in the entertainment industry even tried to sign her on as a star with good contracts, but Gu Qing Yu refused all of them.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. The dirt her being with that guy when she was setting up a contract to help one another. Yet they took it as them daring and then that fake school prince. Guessing thats what they want to use, also seems they didn’t make a move it was one of his enemies. Glad to see their relationship progress further though. Well I’m expecting what they try to pull will have her ex father do something that makes her remember she planned to ruin him

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