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Chapter 258 Did Sir think she was dead?!

Gu Qing Yu immediately used the program to lure that spaceship into a controlled crash into the adjacent asteroid.

The massive energy from the explosion literally toppled her and Fei Fei over, but she also finally managed to destroy that man’s spaceship. It was just a shame that the massive amount of energy inside had been destroyed….

And as Fei Fei’s energy was almost depleted, it had quickly taken her back to Earth.

Luckily both of their spaceships were much more technologically advanced than the ones on Earth, so their presence wasn’t detected with the current monitoring technology on Earth, hence Gu Qing Yu was able to return to Earth without incident.

However, the process was still too long, because when she entered the atmosphere, Gu Qing Yu felt that her body was about to be overwhelmed. Fei Fei’s energy had also been in the middle of bottoming out, but seeing that the whole spaceship was about to explode, Fei Fei, for the sake of her, its master went so far as to directly and compulsively throw her directly into the lifeboat, throwing her back to Earth….

“Fei Fei? Fei Fei….”

Gu Qing Yu panicked a little.

Had Fei Fei disappeared?! It was just a system that depended on the spaceship, so if the spaceship was destroyed, it would naturally disappear as well….

Luckily, after a while, Fei Fei responded.

“Master, I’m here.”

Fei Fei’s voice sounded incredibly weak and feeble, “Master, I’m in your necklace…. however, Fei Fei is running out of energy, and needs to go into hibernation to repair itself….”

“Okay, you hibernate. Fei Fei, don’t worry, I’ll find the energy soon and let you recover!”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Gu Qing Yu spoke in a firm and sure tone.

But she forgot that she was now an energy body and that if she didn’t find a body to cling to, if she couldn’t find more energy, she might disappear.

As Fei Fei went into hibernation, Gu Qing Yu looked around and it was only then that she realized her condition and that it had been a long time.

Her body wasn’t with her, what was going on? Was she dead? That body was too fragile and because it had been an emergency, she’d had no protection at all. Even her clothes had been ordinary human clothes, so naturally they hadn’t been able to withstand much of the impact. What’s more the lifeboat had most likely not had enough energy at that time either, so it was indeed possible that that body…. was dead.

What about… Sir?!

Had Sir found her? Did Sir think she was dead?!

Gu Qing Yu panicked a little in her heart, but she tried to calm herself down as she closed her eyes and felt around and soon, she opened them, her eyes instantly lighting up.

There was energy!

She’d said it. That man had been carrying so much energy that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to store it in just one place– he would have definitely been worried about any future danger he might encounter, such as humans suddenly betraying him or some other threat– so he would have stored the energy in different locations so that he would be able to access it when he needed it.

And now, it had made things easier for Gu Qing Yu.

Because she was an energy body, the defenses of the people and the safeguards around had no hold over her, so she went straight into the man’s other stronghold, lay comfortably next to the energy stone and absorbed the energy and through this, Fei Fei woke up and started to absorb the energy as well.

Probably because she was in her energy body state, she absorbed the energy very fast and in a very large amount, as there was no body limiting her now.

The process of absorbing the energy was very comfortable, and having gone through a big battle before, her spirit was really tired, so once she relaxed, Gu Qing Yu went straight to sleep.

It was only when she woke up again that she realized, somewhat dumbfounded, that she and Fei Fei had been here for almost half a month!

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