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Chapter 309 What’s going on?

No.00 enticed her, “Just like Gu Qing Yu is now. Don’t you see how a bunch of people praise her for everything she does now? The cruelty of what she did to you, no one would believe you even if you told them, because she has the power and you don’t. If you climb to the level she is at now, no matter what you say, people would believe you. Besides, don’t you want to get back at her? If it wasn’t for her, you would still be painting, if it wasn’t for her, your first marriage wouldn’t have been so bad…..”

It had to be said, No.00 really knew how to entice people, because he convinced Mu Ai easily. Remembering the pain she felt when Gu Qing Yu destroyed her hand and the resentment she still couldn’t avenge, Mu Ai gritted her teeth. Yes, she had to get back at Gu Qing Yu and even if she didn’t succeed, stealing the research from Gu Qing Yu’s lab, disrupting her work, or whatever would do. If she could make Gu Qing Yu unhappy, she would be happy!

“Okay, I’ll do it. It’s just, as you know, it’s not that easy for me to get in. I’m not a researcher, much less a senior researcher….. system, do you have any golden fingers to get me in? Like stealth or something like that?” Mu Ai’s voice was tinged with anticipation. It would be great to get a golden finger or two along with the completion of the mission.

No.00 sneered, knowing what she was thinking, however he remained very calm as he told her.

“That’s your mission, you have to do it on your own. Otherwise, what else do I need you for?”

Seeing that Mu Ai was a little unwilling, No. 00 added quietly, “The reward for this mission is very generous.”

Mu Ai was immediately moved. It was noon and so some of the researchers came out to eat in the cafeteria. Mu Ai narrowed her eyes as she looked at one of the researchers with a special work tag….

The researcher, who was young and wore thick glasses, took a cautious peek at her then blushed when he met her eyes.

Mu Ai narrowed her eyes as she thought, she had found a way….

On the other end, Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing couldn’t find any trace of No. 00. It was as if no one else in the whole Imperial Capital had used the energy except them. She couldn’t feel any energy fluctuation.

As she wondered if No. 00 had left the Imperial Capital, she suddenly felt a wave of energy coming from one of the labs. Although it was short-lived, she felt it. The energy she had put in that lab for research had vanished in an instant!

The only person who could do this was No. 00.

Gu Qing Yu rushed to the lab without hesitation, but the lab was empty. Alarms had been sounded and a researcher stood in the corner with a pale face. When the director saw her coming, he said with a heavy expression on his face, “Madam, the last person to enter the lab used his identity card.”

Gu Qing Yu looked at the researcher. His clothes were disheveled and she could even…. smell something unpleasant.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t bathed and wasn’t clean. It was the smell of something having been concluded back there….

Gu Qing Yu’s face sank, “What’s going on?!”

She usually looked very kind, but when she got angry, her aura was terrifying. It caused the researcher to cower, lowering his head as he dared not speak. The director glared at him, “Hurry up and talk!”

His whole body shaking, he stammered as he told the story.

Mu Ai?

This unexpected name surprised Gu Qing Yu. She had practically forgotten about Mu Ai’s existence, but now she had come up with something again, and had even sneaked into one of her institutes?

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