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Chapter 261 She had learned to feel heartache

Mu Xuan Qing tortured himself as if he was self-mutilating, not eating, not drinking, just leaning next to her ice coffin….

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Ran had sneaked in when he was about to pass out and had the doctor give him fluids, he wouldn’t have lasted so long.

At first Gu Qing Yu was distressed, but then the more she watched, the more angry she became.

How could he abuse himself like this? If she never came back, was he going to keep on abusing himself like this?

When Gu Qing Yu was angry, the consequences were severe!

It was the night of the full moon.

It was again the time when Mu Xuan Qing was at his weakest.

Although Gu Qing Yu knew that Mu Xuan Qing would be uncomfortable at this time, she had never witnessed it. Previously, it was Sir who avoided her, then later, it was she who drank his bl**d, sucking the excess energy out of his body, making it so that he, who was already extremely tolerant, felt even less discomfort.

But she was aware of what Sir would normally do in such a situation.

He would bleed himself out, letting the bld flow out little by little in his awake state, before regenerating with new bld, and his wounds would heal itself instantly, with no visible signs of having been wounded.

But this wound, wasn’t only on his body. She feared it had also been etched in his heart for a long time….

His body and mind, had actually been scarred for a long time.

It was just that outwardly, he had been holding on for the sake of the people around him to keep himself from collapsing.

How much willpower, did it take for him to do this?

From such a young age…..

He, must have been in a lot of pain when he had been a kid too, right? Nonetheless, he had endured it, not even allowing anyone around him to see it. Every time he would be like this, he would lock himself up alone and only let Chen Ran and the others watch over him from outside….

During the few days of restoration, Gu Qing Yu thought a lot about it and saw the traces of Sir’s life here over the years through Fei Fei. She saw how, at first, certain special departments treated him as if they were conducting experiments, and because his condition was so unique, they recorded the treatment, making it possible for Gu Qing Yu to see clearly how much Mu Xuan Qing, who had only been in his early teens at the time suffered and how he had managed to survive without saying a word, without even crying, without letting out a sound about how much pain he was in, and without thinking about giving up….

If she hadn’t seen all these things herself, afraid Sir would have never told her about it, right?

He had always been like this, never saying he was tired and never saying he was suffering, as if he was superman.

But he was just an ordinary guy too….

Lowering her eyelashes, Gu Qing Yu sealed the videos away.

She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to watch them a second time.

Because, in the past few days she seemed to have finally felt the special feelings that belonged to humans.


She had learned to feel heartache.

Her heart ached for Sir.

Her heart ached for the teenaged him and for the one at this moment.

Mu Xuan Qing lay calmly in the ice coffin, looking at the cold Gu Qing Yu next to him.

When he’d had this ice coffin made, he’d ordered that it be made a little bigger, so as to be able to accommodate the two of them.

When Chen Ran heard his order, he had clearly wanted to say something but held back.

There was no way he could refuse Sir.

As Mu Xuan Qing lay in the ice coffin, he started to feel the fluctuations of energy inside him, the energies hitting his body, as if there were countless knives cutting him from the inside. It hurt so much that his muscles automatically started to twitch….

What should he do? As long as he bled out and allowed the bl**d to regenerate, it would be fine.

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