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Chapter 232 Was he just going to have to accept it…

After all, Mu Xuan Qing might seem normal, but all those who had survived with him back then more or less had mental issues, and the only one who was happier was the one who had lost his memory and had forgotten what he had been through, so naturally he was less distressed.

However now that their feelings for each other were so deep, it wasn’t right for him to separate them, and it also wasn’t right for him to not separate them…..

What’s more the result was the same – he couldn’t separate them.

And if he tried to separate them, the result would be predictable….

Maybe there would be a lot of trouble in the Shen family and he would probably never be able to see his lovely niece again….

Shen Jianan had mixed feelings.

So was he just going to have to accept it…..

In contrast to Shen Jianan’s depression, Shen Ruiyi was excited. He hadn’t expected that the rumored Sir Mu would be so gentle with his cousin, however he wondered if the person on the other end of the line was the same Mu Xuan Qing that Father Shen had mentioned earlier. It wasn’t just someone with the same name, right?

However his father wouldn’t be mistaken.

Then, it was true that this man was so good to his cousin.

Shen Ruiyi, as a young man, didn’t think in such a complicated way as Shen Jianan did. He just thought that since they both liked each other, then they could just be together; anyways, the Shen family had even helped the Mu family back then. They weren’t like the Suns who had feuded, preventing them from being together. Furthermore, it was clear from the situation that they couldn’t be separated at all, and if Mu Xuan Qing’s power was as strong as his father said, what could they do? The best option was to give them their blessings.

It had to be said though, that Shen Ruiyi had thought things through.

Father Shen eventually bought a house in Fairview Gardens, however since all the villas around Gu Qing Yu’s villa were owned by Mu Xuan Qing, he couldn’t buy them and so had to settle for the next best thing. A villa a little further away, to ensure that Gu Qing Yu was only a few minutes’ walk away.

Shen Ruiyi also moved in, though he couldn’t stand the fact that his father, who was originally a sis-con, had now become a niece-con, going over to Gu Qing Yu’s house every day. It was clear that Gu Qing Yu was busy with her own affairs, yet he went over every day and thought only of Gu Qing Yu when there was something delicious to eat, forgetting all about him his own son and even taking all the cherries that his mother had hand-picked and flown in for him away in front of him and giving all to Gu Qing Yu, not leaving any for him….

Shen Ruiyi felt as if he had been thrown into the cold palace.

However, he wasn’t idle there. After more than half a month after [The Summit] was released, C Country’s total box office surpassed four billion, while the previous big hit [Star Wars 4] only made 2.1 billion. This wasn’t bad, however by comparison, it had been completely crushed by [The Summit].

The company that produced [Star Wars 4] was very stifled. Their investment in the movie wasn’t the same as that of C Country’s movies. This time, they had invested more than $2 billion……

Although this was only the box office of one country, which meant that they must have made a profit at the global box office, over the years however, they had gotten used to making money in C Country, moreover they were used to crushing C Country’s domestically produced movies, giving them the highest level of pride, so now that they were suddenly beaten by the C Country’s movies that they had always despised, they couldn’t accept it.

The C Country’s audience were also a little surprised. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to watch domestically produced movies; it was just that those movies couldn’t compete with Hollywood’s, especially their special effects. All the ones that were done well were done by Hollywood teams at high costs hence in the end, they would simply just watch Hollywood movies, because the ones that weren’t done well…. were embarrassing to watch.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I’m not sure how Father Shen made his business profits given how indecisive he is. I feel like Gu Qing Yu’s special effects achievements should belong to whatever alien planet she came from and not China.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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