Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 32 Don’t worry, you’re worth it

She had secretly asked the newcomers who had re-signed in the past two days and found that their share was only half of hers, and that they could only get 40% of their income. However, compared to many online celebrity companies on the market, their company was already much more generous, so those newcomers were all complacent and didn’t feel that they were losing out at all.

Lin Han Jiao couldn’t help but feel uneasy. If she wasn’t able to make money for Gu Qing Yu in the slightest, would she be kicked out of the company if she developed other newcomers in the future?

She could go to other companies, but she wouldn’t have such freedom and good treatment…

She gritted her teeth then said, “Boss, my contract, shouldn’t it be the same as other newcomers in the company?”

Gu Qing Yu smiled, knowing what she was worried about, “No, don’t worry, you’re worth it.”

She… was worth it?

The phone had been hung up, but Lin Han Jiao was still a little confused.

She… was worth it?

This was the first time she had heard such words in her life.

Since childhood, because she was born ordinary and even a little ugly, even her grandma said that she wasn’t worth raising and that raising a pig was better than raising her. At least a pig could be sold for money when it grew up moreover she was so ugly. When she gets older, she might not even be able to get married, and she wouldn’t even be able to get a gift money1Gift money is part of the money used by the woman’s family to buy dowry.. Her father had insisted on letting her go to school until university, so her grandma called her a money-losing good.

She had also warned her not to get married unless she could get 100,000 yuan gift money, and to work for the family for at least ten years to return the money she had borrowed from them…

Even if she ate an extra piece of meat, her grandma would feel that it was a loss and that it wasn’t worth it.

But now, Gu Qing Yu was telling her that she deserved such good treatment…

Her throat moved as she blinked her red eyes to keep the tears from falling.


If Gu Qing Yu really treated her as well as she said she would, then she, Lin Han Jiao would definitely strive to do her utmost best for her and work hard to make money!

She would definitely help her develop this company to be no less than any of the other online celebrity company in the industry out there!

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that her simple sentence had allowed her to take in a very loyal subordinate. She just narrowed her eyes thoughtfully.

Gu Qing Chen had been grounded by Gu Wen Qiang, and would be following Chen Anguo abroad in a few days, but at this time, she was going out to meet Lin Han Jiao who looked like her…

Tsk, she seemed to smell a conspiracy.

However it wasn’t a bad thing.

Lin Han Jiao soon decided on the time and place to meet Gu Qing Chen. That place was a cafe that Gu Qing Yu was very familiar with. To be precise, it was the cafe Gu Qing Yu’s mother left for her but because of its remote location, she barely made any money from it. Previously, it was just a gathering place for Shen Qing Yan and her girlfriends who liked to make coffee and desserts. After Shen Qing Yan passed away, this store couldn’t be sold and Gu Qing Yu wanted to keep her mother’s favorite store. Since Gu Wen Qiang wasn’t short of money, he gave it to her directly.

Since it was her own shop, then it was very easy to operate.

Gu Qing Chen had no idea that this store existed and Gu Qing Yu almost never came here because she was afraid of the sad memories it evoked hence Gu Qing Chen didn’t know that this store belonged to her, and even thought that the store Lin Han Jiao chose was good. The decoration was very elegant and it was in a remote place. The tables and chairs inside were also very far apart, making it difficult to hear what others were saying.

Unexpectedly, Lin Han Jiao knew a place like this…

Gu Qing Chen looked at Lin Han Jiao in front of her and asked, “Jiao Jiao, what are your plans now?”

Lin Han Jiao lowered her eyelashes. Of course she wouldn’t tell her that she had already become an online celebrity under Gu Qing Yu, the person she hated the most. She just smiled bitterly and said, “What can I do?”

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